Tipos De Máquinas para Fratasar

Concrete Power Trowels

The BEST TROWEL GUIDE. Discover which are the best trowels, what you should know before buying one, and the precautions to take into account when using them.

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Anti-dust flooring

If you have an INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE, you should know more about what ANTI-DUST FLOORS are. You guarantee years of productivity and health for your employees. Know its ADVANTAGES.

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Slurry flooring

Slurry Flooring

From experience, we know that Slurry flooring is one of the most versatile types of flooring within the industry. Although it has a strange name,

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polvo en suelo de hormigon

How to stop concrete dusting

It’s frequent that no matter how much care is taken in the cleaning and maintenance of an industrial installation or warehouse, the concrete floor remains sandy and dusty.

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Concrete Floor Maintenance

Maintenance Concrete Floors

Dusty environments in industrial warehouses is an ongoing problem due to the majority of these floors not being treated. BECOSAN®’s unique and patented system is a new solution created to facilitate the maintenance for concrete floors.

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