BECOSAN® DIN 52108 Certification – Resistance to abrasion

Certificado DIN 52617 - Resistencia a la abrasión

Abrasion causes wear on concrete floors as a result of constant pedestrian and heavy machinery traffic.

The BECOSAN® system is designed to increase concrete floor hardness and resistance, ensuring abrasion not be a problem within warehouses, logistics centers and any other type of industrial facility. BECOSAN® has the DIN 52108 certification, which guarantees that the BECOSAN® treatment has been evaluated and meets the standard requirements for abrasion resistance.

Why trust the DIN 52108 abrasion resistance certification?

As for guarantees, the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) is the organization that generates the most prestige and credibility in Europe. Based on this, the DIN 52108 standard regarding abrasion resistance is one of the most reliable certificates currently offered in terms of quality control.

Due to this, BECOSAN® has perfected its formula to meet the highest demands in the industrial sector and thus obtain the DIN 52108 certificate. This credential confirms that the DIN evaluation committee has carried out on-site tests of the concrete floors treated with BECOSAN®. These tests are known as test methods for self-leveling mortar and are intended to determine wear resistance.

Concrete floors treated with BECOSAN® have passed all the tests. Thanks to this, the BECOSAN® system has received the DIN 52108 certificate, ensuring that the resistance to wear is significantly reduced.

BECOSAN® improves wear resistance to abrasion

BECOSAN seeks to satisfy the security and control needs required by the modern industrial sector, where abrasion is a serious problem that causes a series of consequences such as those described below:

  • It causes potholes, subsidence and all kinds of irregularities in the concrete floor surface.
  • Releases dust due to the detachment of concrete particles within the working environment.
  • Disrupts work activities within the facility such as vehicles and machinery traffic.
  • A worn floor can lead to accidents caused by the lack of homogeneity of the floor surface.

To end this, the BECOSAN® system is responsible for restoring the entire concrete floor, offering a uniform, aesthetically attractive, resistant, and durable finish.

Regarding abrasion, BECOSAN® is formulated to increase the hardness of the concrete, achieving up to 7 in the Mohs scale in some cases. This ensures that the surface will significantly minimize the damage caused by abrasion from pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

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