Repair of concrete patches in poor condition

We provide solutions for patches and concrete floors in poor condition. We rebuild concrete floors, remove patches and leave totally new industrial floors through polished concrete.


A previously made repair of a patch in a concrete floor is caused by the use of machinery and the movement of goods. In BECOSAN® we repair these patches in an industrial floor leaving it in perfect condition. This is a precursor to a treatment with our patented BECOSAN® system, where we harden and seal the concrete floor to minimise future damage.

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If the damaged areas do not receive immediate attention, the problems will spread throughout the entire floor, affecting the entire installation and compromising the business operation.

A damaged floor will increase the risk of industrial accidents.

Here at BECOSAN we completely remove the previous repair, carefully clean the hole before filling with non-shrinking mortar. Once dry the patch should provide a high degree of rigidity and a long life.

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