Repair of concrete patches in poor condition

We provide solutions for patches and concrete floors in poor condition. We rebuild concrete floors, remove patches and leave totally new industrial floors through polished concrete.

We provide a professional service throughout the UK and Europe.

A professional concrete patch repair company

Patches are dangerous for industrial vehicles that carry heavy loads, especially if these are carried at major heights.

They need to be properly fixed to guarantee a long-term result. Repair works consist in cutting the whole patch area with a certain depth. Subsequently the patch area is sealed with a specific mortar.

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If the damaged areas do not receive immediate attention, the problems will spread throughout the entire floor, affecting the entire installation and compromising the business operation.

Types of patches we repair

Depending on the size of the patch, BECOSAN® assigns a typology to them, which face different problems:

Parche con forma redonda.


Minor patch (≤10×10 cm) with different shapes, round or squared. Patches can result from impact of goods on the floor or in areas where large cracks intersect. It makes the traffic of people and machines more difficult grows into a larger patch if not repaired on time. 

Parche L


Medium sized patch (>10×10  cm) with different shapes, round or squared. These patches makes traffic of industrial vehicles almost impossible as the balance may be compromised if driving over these areas. 

Este tipo de parche puede inhabilitar una zona entera de trabajo


Large patch (>20×20 cm) that disallows to use a large area in a warehouse as it is impossible to drive through this area with industrial vehicles. 

Parche XXL


Very large patch (>50×50 cm) which obliges warehouse owners to close whole areas as the risk of an accident is more than probable. 

We only use original 1st quality material

We use high thixotropy, high strength and fast setting mortars, specially designed for the repair of cracks, fissures or spalling in concrete floors with high strength and durability requirements, such as areas exposed to heavy traffic or industrial areas.

Patch repair projects

We have worked with large national and international companies.


FAQ : About our industrial flooring patch repair service

Patches of flooring in poor condition result from a pathology caused by a combination of multiple factors. These generally manifest themselves as the following causes:

  • Malpractice in a previous repair.
  • Improper use of facilities.
  • Insufficient or incorrect positioning of expansion joints.
  • Spread of damage to adjacent areas.
  • Impacts on the floor caused by an accident.

Repairing patches in the flooring is a laborious process, and depending on the specific patch to be removed, it can take more or less time.

Added to this is the fact that some pavements are in very poor condition and have many patches. In these cases, the work can take longer.

Of course, at BECOSAN®, we know that time is very important, so we adjust to the customer’s production hours and work by zones if necessary, to not affect the company’s activity in any way.

The repair of broken patches varies depending on the severity of the damage and the methodology applied.

Regardless of the severity of the damage, patch damage repair consists of removing the affected material until its inner layer is exposed.

Subsequently, the affected area is filled and sealed with an anti-shrink mortar, which is adapted to the needs of the flooring.

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