Concrete floor grinding is a cost-effective means of bringing out the best of concrete floors. A concrete floor grinding service removes all sorts of surface dirt and debris on the floor surface using a grinder, resulting in a smooth, shiny surface.

Concrete floor grinding is of dry and wet types. However, many business managers and maintenance managers prefer wet grinding since it doesn’t have adverse effects on workers, unlike dry grinding, which emits dust into the environment.

At BECOSAN®, we are an Anglo-Saxon-based floor grinding company specializing in wet and dry concrete floor grinding services for commercial and industrial flooring. Our grinding service stands out as it replicates a floor polishing service.

Contact us for your concrete floor grinding in Europe and other English-speaking countries around the world.

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Improved Look

One significant advantage of our concrete floor grinding is to give your floor a polished look. Grinding your concrete floor will help remove all forms of irregularities and imperfections built-up on the surface. This ultimately gives the floor a smooth, shiny look.

Increased Hardness

Treatment involved in our grinding service increases the hardness of the surface, which in turn improves resistance against impacts, prolongs lifespan, and reduces maintenance costs. 


Ideal For Commercial and Industrial Floors

Whether investing in our grinding service for your commercial or industrial concrete floors, you are on the right path. While this service will help give your floors a new look to cherish and promote the safety of your employees, it is also a requirement for installing a new floor. These and many others are the benefits you stand to enjoy when you hire us for your concrete floor grinding project.

Reduced Rates of Accident

Dirt and grease spots on concrete floor are common contributors to poor braking and a high rate of slippery in industrial spaces. Our treatment helps to reduce the appearance of such dirt and grease or chemical stains, reducing the risk of accidents.

Improved Durability

Taking care of your concrete floor is a good means to improve its durability, and grinding is a cost-effective option you want to consider. A floor grinding service will help remove inconsistencies that can cut back on the floor’s lifespan.


Grinding your concrete floor should be left to the hands of a professional grinding service company like us. At BECOSAN®, we go above and beyond to get the job done professionally and leave no stone unturned, giving our grinding service a replicate of a polishing service. 

Here is a video that gives an idea of how we carry out our concrete floor grinding service at BECOSAN®.


Again, concrete floor grinding can be wet or dry, and each method involves different processes, though with a slight difference. Here are the processes involved in both dry and wet floor grinding services:

Concrete Floor Dry Grinding

Dry grinding a concrete floor is straightforward and involves rubbing the grinder with an abrasive disk blade over the concrete floor. At first, a coarse-texture surface is achieved, but with further grinding, the surface becomes shiny and void of dirt.

The dust produced during the process is vacuumed, but some still escape into the environment, which is harmful to the workers and even the environment.

Concrete Floor Wet Grinding

The only major difference between dry and wet grinding is that wet grinding involves applying water to the surface to ease capturing the dust.

This prevents dust from flying over the environment, the major advantage of wet grinding over dry grinding.

As per the grinder, wet grinding involves similar disks as in dry grinding.


You want to choose BECOSAN® for different reasons. While you want to entrust your floor grinding project to a reputable, professional grinding contractor near you, you also need an experienced industrial and commercial concrete floor grinding contractor. This is where we come in.

At BECOSAN®, we grind commercial and industrial concrete floors all over Europe and other parts of the world.

Lithium silicate densifier

We have provided services to these companies

Before trusting your floor grinding project to a grounding company near you, you want to know how experienced and reputable your prospective contractor is.

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable, experienced grinding specialists who has worked with different brands inside and outside Anglo-Saxon.

Here are a few brands that have been our customers and can vouch for our outstanding service:

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FAQ : Concrete floor grinding

Concrete floor grinding treatment is required for different reasons and in different areas in a business. While grinding is ideal for bringing out the best of industrial and commercial floors, it is also recommended when planning a new floor installation. 

Common places to grind concrete floors include:

  • Logistic centers
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Large indoor car parks
  • Commercial outlets
  • Exhibition halls
  • Conference centers
  • Large office buildings

Depending on different factors, it can be quite difficult to tell exactly how long it takes to grind a concrete floor. While the size of the floors contributes to the time it takes to grind your floors, the shapes of the floors are also a big variable to consider.

Hence, the larger your floors and the more the edgework involved, the longer it takes to complete the grinding processes.

However, as a guide, it usually takes a professional grinding company 2 to 3 days to grind an 250 metres.

Yes, grinding is ideal for old and new floors. While it helps restore old floors with lost glory, it gives new floors an improved look that helps ease maintenance processes. Hence, you will never be wrong to investing in floor grinding for your new and old floors.


Another common question about grinding concrete floors is how much to budget for a floor grinding project. The answer to this is it depends since it also varies with different variables. Variables like the region, the concrete floor grinding contractor, and the present condition of the floors all contribute to the cost of concrete grinding.

Concrete floor grinding is a cost-effective means of reviving your old concrete floors to a smooth, glowing look. While you can wet grind or dry grind your industrial or commercial floor depending on which method suits you best, note that your grinding company will also contribute to your experience and the project’s end result. Hence, you want to hire a reputable concrete floor grinding company near you.

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable concrete floor grinding specialists, grinding industrial and commercial floors over the decades. After working with different brands all over the map, you can rest assured to have your floor grinding project in the right hand, regardless of your location.

Other services for concrete floors

While we are specialized in grinding industrial floors, we also specialize in other similar services. At BECOSAN®, we offer a full service of surface treatment for industrial floor. Here are a few of our other services: