How to clean polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floor is a low maintenance structure.

It’s surface generates a minimum amount of dust and is very resistant against abrasive wear and chemical substances. But despite its structural advantages, polished concrete floors do deteriorate.

This occurs especially regarding its aesthetic finish due to outdoor weather exposure, consistent traffic, etc.

Therefore, it’s worth asking: How much maintenance does it actually need?

The maintenance of a polished concrete floor is reduced to mopping its surface. But, as simple as it may seem, certain indications must be taken into account.

Similarly, the implementation of a forklift mat system can help to reduce this periodic cleaning.

How to clean polished concrete floor

To keep polished concrete floors in good condition, mopping has to be applied and must be complemented with neutral pH chemicals.

Normally, dry mopping isn’t necessary, given that polished concrete floors don’t release as much dustwhen compared to other concrete floors.

Wet mopping a polished concrete floor consists on rubbing the surface with cleaning chemical solutions(water and neutral chemicals). This is scattered using manual or automatic scrubbers.

Initially, industrial cleaning of the most important areas of the facilities must be carried out, that is, the ones with the highest traffic and attendance. This way, the oldest dirt and stains are removed.

When rubbing the surface, it’s necessary to maintain a certain uniformity in the humidity of the areas that are being cleaned, avoiding the chemicals to dry out on the concrete surface.

To finalize the cleaning process, there’s no need to polish or wax the surface as these maintenance treatments are only applied after long periods of time and their use is circumstantial.

Whilst cleaning is distinguished for being weekly or daily.

Recommendations for clean and maintain a polished concrete floor

When selecting mechanical equipment, it’s advisable to use microfiber scrubbers or scrubbers with non-abrasive discs.

The best cleaning products for polished concrete floors are those that are water-based.

Oil-based products or solvents should be avoided, since these create additional layers on the concrete surface, damaging its finish.

In addition, the use of neutral pH chemicals is preferred because they don’t affect the aesthetics of the floor’s finish.

On the other hand, acidic or alkaline products generally deteriorate concrete surfaces in the long term, so their use must be in a moderate amount and when required.

The maintenance of a BECOSAN® polished concrete floor is very simple

After reading this article, you will have verified how easy and economical it is to keep this type of floor in good condition.

The BECOSAN® industrial floor treatment has been installed in hundreds of thousands of square meters of industrial buildings, parking lots, etc… A floor maintenance with a BECOSAN® treatment has considerable advantages over other floors.

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