We continuously expand our global BECOSAN® partner network

Our new partner must be a proactive industrial flooring specialist that is familiar with concrete floor preparations, resin/epoxy flooring and which can successfully repair cracks, joints and remove ankerbolts.

BECOSAN® is a patented system that creates DUST PROOF and EASY to CLEAN industrial concrete floors with a 10 year warranty.

If you have success and want to focus more on industrial warehouses please contact us to know more about becoming a BECOSAN® partner in your area.

What is BECOSAN®?

BECOSAN is a patented system for polishing concrete floors using ride-on power trowels. The system consists of two elements: chemicals and polishing tools. Combining both, large surfaces can be polished in a short period of time and with an impressive result. 

Certified flooring solutions from A to Z

1. Patented system

2. Official applicators

3. Flooring certifications

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Application areas

Many customers with different needs have already trusted BECOSAN® for their facilities. These are the main customer groups that will benefit from a BECOSAN® treatment. 


Logistics warehousess

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Industrial facilities


Shopping centres

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Food industry

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Final user benefits


BECOSAN® comes up as a solution for industrial floor renovations in all kind of sectors. For this reason, we consider us a partner of many companies specialized in industrial maintenance, floor preparation, concrete contractor, epoxy flooring contractor.


What will you need to work with BECOSAN®?

The BECOSAN® system can be used with your existing machinery and needs no major investment. 

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Reasons to become a BECOSAN® partner

Contact us to learn more about becoming a BECOSAN® applicator