BECOSAN® – CE – Declaration of performance

CE - Declaración de rendimiento BECOSAN

Declaration of Performance – CE is one of the many certifications that supports our BECOSAN® polished concrete floor treatment and our company.

Declaration of performance is a document that legally guarantees that the products, treatments, and procedures used by BECOSAN® comply with all the control requirements regulated by the main European standardization directives.

In compliance with the European Union’s market regulations, BECOSAN® has been formulated and tested to meet the safety and control standards that our customers need.

Why trust BECOSAN®?

BECOSAN® is a system that guarantees concrete floors with an excellent finish and optimal properties for the industrial sector.

In this way, BECOSAN® is a treatment that, by polishing the floor’s surface, eliminates irregularities. During this stage, micro-particles that are prone to creating dust as a result of abrasion are also removed.

The next step is to improve the concrete’s physical properties by applying a special lithium silicate. This substance penetrates the pores and increases the concrete’s hardness and resistance.

Subsequently, a special sealer is applied to the previously polished concrete surface. With this, the surface is sealed and the pores are eliminated. It should be noted that all the products used during this stage are made with water, so their use doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Lastly, the BECOSAN® treatment’s last step is to polish the floor, which gives a clean, uniform, and aesthetically attractive finish.

BECOSAN® takes into consideration the environment, health and safety

BECOSAN® offers a 10-year guarantee for polished concrete floors in optimal conditions. This considerably reduces future investments to maintain the concrete floor, something that many other alternatives cannot achieve.

Also, something that we are pleased with is offering a product that complies to environmental protection standards, playing a part in respecting nature.

Furthermore, all other tests and certifications that support BECOSAN®, guarantee that our treatment complies to crucial safety standards to prevent occupational accidents and other misfortunes.

Access our certifications page to see all those that support us.

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