Maintenance Concrete Floors

Dusty environments in industrial warehouses is an ongoing problem due to the majority of these floors not being treated. BECOSAN®’s unique and patented system is a new solution created to facilitate the maintenance for concrete floors.

One of the biggest maintenance costs for concrete flooring is cleaning. Irrespective of your business, cleaning will be a significant drain on resources. Depending on the environment you could be cleaning a floor multiple times each day.

Given that cleaning costs around 6c per metre these costs can mount up. But did you know that one of the biggest drivers of the production of dirt is likely to be the floor itself!

If maintenance is not carried out properly, and is not planned, it could lead to deterioration of the floor and the need for fix the concrete floor in the warehouse in the future.

There are two problems with untreated concrete floors; absorption and disaggregation.

Any water poured onto an untreated concrete floor will be almost completely absorbed into the concrete itself.  This makes the cleaning process inefficient and wasteful of water.  Whatever dirt was lying on the surface just get stuck onto the concrete in the cleaning process.

With thousands of feet, robot and forklift wheels trundling across your concrete floor each day the concrete itself begins to disaggregate, i.e. to crumble and become dust.  Your floor is creating dust.

Imagine if the floor were to become non-absorptive and as hard as diamond. The dirt would be held in the water and much more effectively removed.  The floor itself would cease to crumble and the quantity of dirt would  be substantially reduced.  The floor would stay cleaner longer and cleaning costs would be more than halved.  Add to that that the floor would last very much longer and you can see how maintenance costs can be slashed.

The answer is the Becosan Concrete Treatment SystemWith Becosan the floor is polished, densified and sealed in a simple three step process.  When finished the floor is 93% repellant to water and potentially twice as hard.

There are some who have adopted epoxy coatings to try to address the cleaning problems but, once again, the solution becomes part of the problem.  After only a few months the epoxy coatings begin to deteriorate and pieces of epoxy start crumbling away from the floor creating more particles to be cleaned.  The Becosan system will not deteriorate and will endure for many, many years of low cost concrete flooring.

Today it has become possible to grind and polish the concrete floors and treat them with the BECOSAN® concrete treatment system. With BECOSAN® you can create a maintenance-friendly floor with a beautiful surface.

The maintenance for concrete floors is now reduced to once-a-week mopping with warm soapy water (of course depending on the wear) – That’s all. No scratching or peeling. No moisture or other foreseeable matters. Polished concrete reduces dust mite and allergen problems.

Treating your concrete floor with BECOSAN® Densifier (a hardener and dust proofer for concrete surfaces) will make the floors become more durable and easier to clean. And due to the hardener, the floors become more durable and easier to clean. No other floor options can compete with these treated concrete floors.

The cost of the maintenance for your concrete floors will drop dramatically. Only a small investment is required to treat your floors with the BECOSAN® system – it is a fast and easy installation – and the small investment will quickly be repaid by the saving in maintenance on your industrial floor.

The highly reflective polished concrete surface reduces lighting needs and improves natural lighting. It’s a small detail, but not without importance, when the electricity bills are to be paid. And these days, green solutions and sustainability are in focus. There are many ways to save energy and money.

Thanks to this revolutionary technology, many modern buildings are built with the polished and treated concrete exposed – no need to apply a floor covering, which means no need to consume energy and other material.

BECOSAN® is an environmentally friendly system. And besides providing low-maintenance costs, the concrete floor being hardened and polished will have an extremely long life expectancy compared to other flooring solutions, that may only last for 10 -20 years. Polished and treated concrete floors, when correctly maintained, will keep their beautiful surfaces for many years into the future.

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