HACCP Food safety management

One of the most important industrial sectors in the world is the food production industry.

From all sorts of food factories to logistic packaging and distribution warehouses, they are facilities that must meet rigorous safety, quality, and control standards.

This is due to offering products that are intended for human consumption which makes it necessary to guarantee consumers that any food from these industries is safe and innocuous.

In any logistics centre or industrial warehouse, within all the industrial facilities committed to the food sector, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance activities to ensure optimal operating conditions. However, maintenance, repair or construction processes must also comply with control standards that ensure that their execution doesn’t jeopardize the production chain in any way.

Bearing this in mind, BECOSAN® is a product designed and aimed to improve industrial concrete floors dedicated to all production sectors, highlighting amongst them the food sector.

For this reason, BECOSAN® is certified for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which guarantees that the entire process carried out during the implementation of the BECOSAN® system does not put any type of food safety requirement at risk.

This way, improving the conditions of an industrial concrete floor using BECOSAN® does not have negative side effects that imply a risk of physical, biological, or chemical contamination for the products that are handled inside the industrial warehouse in which the treatment is used.

What is a HACCP certificate?

The Certification of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a credential issued by the Ministry of Health and Consumption. This guarantees that a food management system does not put the consumer’s health at risk during the implementation of any of the procedures carried out within the industrial warehouse.

Accordingly, the entity in charge of carrying out the analysis which evaluates each stage of the process to establish prevention and correction measures for each phase that could represent a potential threat of contamination to any of the products that are manufactured, handled, stored, or processed within the space.

Based on this, the analysis is carried out systematically under a series of standardized guidelines that make it possible to obtain truthful, objective, and reliable results. Confirming that an effective food safety management is carried out.

Why is food security important to BECOSAN?

The BECOSAN® treatment seeks to improve work environment conditions in which industrial processes are carried out, starting from the most important: a safe, resistant, and aesthetically pleasing floor.

Thanks to BECOSAN® it is possible to minimize dust production as a result of the disintegration of concrete particles. It should be recalled that dust is a harmful agent for human health that, in addition to negatively affecting the work environment, is capable of contaminating food or any other product that is exposed to air.

Therefore, during the implementation of the BECOSAN® system, a series of preventive measures are carried out that guarantee the space and the goods stored within it will not be exposed to any type of risk or contamination. BECOSAN® products used to improve concrete don’t leave any residue that could alter the physical-chemical properties of the working environment after its application.

Thanks to all these measures, our system is HACCP certified, which supports the commitment and responsibility we offer our clients in terms of safety and quality.

As a result, we offer food factory flooring of the highest possible quality.

We offer concrete polishing services in the UK and Europe.

10 years dust proof guarantee. Unique BECOSAN® patent

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