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Dust proof polished concrete floors

The advantages of BECOSAN® concrete polishing systems.

The lifetime of highly exposed concrete floors and industrial floors is limited. Loads caused by machines, people and negative environmental influences cause scratches, stains and holes. The concrete surface becomes rough and brittle, individual parts burst and fine dust spreads everywhere.

A damaged concrete floor increases the risk of accidents and cannot be cleaned sufficiently with daily cleaning. Oil leaks, greases and chemicals penetrate into the core of the concrete and cause considerable damage. The repair or renovation of a damaged concrete floor entails considerable costs. This is not the case for the unique BECOSAN® grinding and polishing system for the improvement and protection of concrete floors.

With BECOSAN® you will transform your old and dusty floor of concrete into an extremely hard, dust proof, durable and abrasion resistant surface.

How does BECOSAN® work?

BECOSAN® consists of two powerful components. On the one hand BECOSAN® Densifier, on the other BECOSAN® Protective Sealer. The densifier penetrates deep into the core of the concrete and hardens and compacts it due to a molecular reaction. It creates a very hard and extremely abrasion resistant surface.

Unlike superficial concrete coatings, BECOSAN® penetrates deep into the core of the concrete and chemically bonds the particles to a considerably more resistant surface. This offers ideal conditions for daily traffic of heavy vehicles and people.

The patented BECOSAN® system has been designed for grinding and polishing industrial concrete floors.

Application areas of BECOSAN®

BECOSAN® can be used wherever an improvement and renovation of a concrete floor is necessary. Factories, workshops, production halls, cellars, car parks, industrial buildings, sports stadiums, hospitals, airports and railway stations are ideal areas of application as these concrete surfaces are subject to severe stress. BECOSAN® is a sensible and value-enhancing investment!

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

It is low in odor, colorless, environmentally friendly, solvent free and very easy to use. BECOSAN® is a complete system for rough and dusty concrete floors. Our clients include private construction companies, architects, entrepreneurs and municipal authorities. They all appreciate the quality of BECOSAN®, the high-performance protection for concrete floors.

concrete finish floor

BECOSAN® Protective Sealer

The powerful BECOSAN® Protective Sealer is based on the last microFORMULA® nanotechnology. It consists of the finest molecules, which penetrate deep into the concrete pores. It protects

Regular cleaning is easier and faster, while the polished floor always looks clean dust free. BECOSAN® is the ideal solution for highly frequented industrial floors in factories and production plants. Treated floors will be resistant to scratches, impact and dirt. BECOSAN® Protective Sealer is UV-stable and does not alter the color of the floor.

BECOSAN® is profitable

The combination of BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer turns rough, dusty and unattractive concrete floors into a smooth, dust-free, hard and abrasion resistant surface. The result meets the highest requirements. You will be very satisfied as BECOSAN® Densifier creates a surface resistant to scratches, dust and stains. On the one hand, BECOSAN® Protective Sealer protects your floor against oils, greases or aggressive chemicals, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs to a minimum; on the other hand, it extends the life span of your floor. Already after a few years your investment will be paid off.


Epoxy floors require regular reapplication because of peeling and blistering. Untreated concrete floors crumble and pulverise with wear. With the BECOSAN® treatment the harder, dust proof floor will need no reapplication to endure leaving the customer’s processes uninterrupted.

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When a tenant leaves a property, the floor must be made good. Holes and cracks must be filled, stains and marks must be removed. After a BECOSAN® treatment the floor is much harder and resistant to stain. Therefore, one clean and the floor is ready to rent again.

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Often a new tenant agreement can be conditional on the state of an industrial floor. With a BECOSAN® floor a new tenant can move in immediately. This minimises the loss of rental income. A floor in poor condition can cause a customer to try for a low rental price or, in some cases, look elsewhere.

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