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We create polished concrete floors with the unique BECOSAN® patent and a 10 years dust proof guarantee


Polished concrete industrial floors are the answer to damage caused to industrial floors by the heavy traffic of machinery and people, as well as other negative environmental influences that create scratches, stains and holes. The untreated concrete surface becomes rough and brittle and will cause a fine dust to appear that spreads everywhere.

A damaged concrete surface increases the risk of accidents. It also makes daily cleaning difficult. Oil, grease and chemical leaks penetrate the concrete core, accelerating its deterioration. The repair or renovation of a damaged concrete floor can entail significant costs. The solution to prevent these problems is the BECOSAN® industrial polished concrete floor finish, a unique and patented system for industrial floor treatment, which effectively improves and protects polished concrete floors.


Because the concrete surface has been hardened and sealed, the creation of dust particles is significantly reduced.


The polished concrete floor has increased resistance to heavy machinery, and the daily transfer of goods, thereby extending its useful life and improving efficiency.


Polished concrete flooring is much easier to clean and maintain reducing manpower and costs.

We have applied our treatment to industrial warehouses and logistics centres in all types of companies across the world.

Suelos de Hormigón pulido BECOSAN Internacional
BECOSAN® transforms an old and dusty industrial floor into a polished concrete floor with an extremely hard, dustproof, abrasion resistant and very durable surface.


BECOSAN® consists of two powerful powerful components. BECOSAN® Densifier is a hardener that penetrates deep into the core and reacts with the concrete at a molecular level, creating a very hard surface that is extremely resistant to abrasion. BECOSAN® Protective Sealer is a sealant that protects the hardened surface against the penetration of water, oil, grease and chemicals.

Unlike surface resins for concrete floors, such as Epoxy, BECOSAN® penetrates deeply into the concrete core, chemically bonding to lime particles which considerably increases its strength. The result is an improved surface ready for the daily traffic of heavy vehicles and people.

BECOSAN® application areas

BECOSAN® can be used to improve and reform a polished concrete floor. Factories, production plants, warehouses, parking lots, industrial buildings, logistics centers are all ideal areas for application since they are concrete surfaces that are subject to extreme wear. BECOSAN® is a great investment because it significantly extends the life of the concrete floor and reduces maintenance costs!

For indoor and outdoor use

It is a low odour solution, colourless, environmentally friendly, solvent-free and very easy to use. BECOSAN® is an integral system for the treatment of dusty concrete pavements. Our clients are private construction companies, architects and businessmen. The BECOSAN® system for polished concrete floors is internationally renowned and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


The patented BECOSAN® system has been designed for grinding and polishing industrial concrete floors.
BECOSAN® is effective

The combination of BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer converts rough, dusty and unattractive concrete floors into a smooth, dustproof, hard and abrasion resistant surface. The result satisfies the highest standards.

BECOSAN® Densifier

BECOSAN® Densifier is a hardener and dust sealer for concrete surfaces, which creates a scratch-resistant surface that is free of dust and stains.

It is a water-based solution that penetrates and reacts with the lime contained in the concrete. The molecular reaction increases density of the concrete, which reduces wear due to abrasion and minimises the formation of dust and maximises its resistance to chemicals.

It is an ecological product, low in smell and transparent, easy and fast to apply. BECOSAN® The Densifier can be used indoors and outdoors. It hardens and protects against dirt on polished concrete floors in any industrial facility, factory, supermarket, parking lot, etc …

BECOSAN® Protective Sealer

The powerful BECOSAN® Protective Sealer sealant is based on the latest microFORMULA® nanotechnology. It contains ultra-fine molecules, which penetrate deeply into the pores of the concrete.

It minimizes the penetration of oil, grease and chemicals into the concrete surface, minimizing cleaning and maintenance costs. In addition, it extends the life of your industrial floor, returning the cost your investment in a very short time. Tyre marks can be easily removed from surfaces treated with BECOSAN® with an industrial scrubber.

Daily cleaning is easier and faster, maintaining a clean and dustproof surface. BECOSAN® is the ideal solution for heavily used polished concrete industrial flooring in factories and production plants. The treated floors will be resistant to scratches, impacts and dirt. BECOSAN® Protective Sealer is UV resistant and does not alter the colour of the floor.

concrete finish floor
old concrete floor


Matte+ finish
Satin finish
Gloss finish

BECOSAN® offers 3 types of polished concrete floor finishes, depending on the polishing process, the number of passes and the degree of abrasiveness of the discs. Our polished concrete applicators evaluate each floor in detail to create the perfect finish to suit your individual circumstances.

Our system for polished concrete pavements has MORE CERTIFICATIONS AND QUALITY STANDARDS than any other in the market.

Our floors have a 10 YEAR WARRANTY!


  • HACCP – Food safety.
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality standard.
  • DIN 51131 – Anti-slip.
  • DIN 52108 – Abrasion resistance.
  • DIN 52617 – Water absorption.
  • CE – Declaration of performance.

Do you already have a concrete floor and are you considering treating it or changing it? Are you going to install a floor and you do not know what type of flooring to choose?

Our professionals are expert in any type of surface larger than 1,000m², our extensive experience allows us to offer a complete service, including knowing how to remove the dust from the cement floor, carrying out the restoration of a worn concrete floor, the installation of a completely new surface or even the removal of an epoxy treatment. Once you have a concrete surface, the floor is ready to be treated.

The finish provided by a polished concrete floor and the ease of application make polished concrete a good choice for all types of facilities and uses: offices, dealerships, workshops, warehouses, factories, parking lots, shopping centers, logistics centers, markets, silos, deposits, etc.

The BECOSAN® treatment is specially designed for concrete floors and combines a floor polishing process with specially designed diamond discs and a two step chemical surface treatment process.

Firstly the BECOSAN® Densifier is a concrete hardener that penetrates deep into the surface of the concrete and compacts it through a molecular reaction. With this process a hard and resistant concrete floor is created.

Secondly the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, is a sealer for concrete that protects the floor against the penetration of water, oil, grease and other chemical products.

Unlike epoxy resins, or any paint for polished concrete floors. The concrete hardener is an alkaline solution that combines with the free lime on the surface and penetrates the concrete pavement thus increasing its resistance.

You now know about the two active ingredients of BECOSAN®, the concrete hardener and the sealer. But how do these combine with a polished concrete treatment? How do you get that shine in the concrete?

With a process of grinding and polishing concrete, different gloss finishes are achieved. Each client has a unique need and we adapt our solution to meet the client’s requirement.

Undoubtedly, polished concrete has been an important solution for the construction of large surfaces for years. Its low cost, installation speed and extended durability are its greatest attraction when what we are looking for is a functional floor that will be cost efficient.

They are very durable surfaces and that is why a high percentage of the big brands have polished concrete floors in their facilities, in logistics centres, in their stores, shopping centres, etc. Many of them have been in operation for many years piling up huge maintenance costs and they know that keeping maintenance costs down is key in maintaining competitiveness in the market. To maximize efficiency they spend time to carefully analyse where maintenance expenses come from and how to minimise them.

At BECOSAN® we know that each floor and each use is unique, that is why we like to give detailed and personalized information to guarantee the best quality to each client. Do not hesitate to contact us, tell us your particular situation to find out if BECOSAN® is for you and how we can treat your concrete floor.

With the passage of time the concrete floor deteriorates creating a problematic, fine layer of dust. In addition, any liquid or grease can penetrate the surface and create a stain.

In BECOSAN we know how important it is to maintain the quality of an industrial floor, so our system is especially focused on those industries that seek maximum quality in their facilities.