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We are a leading manufacturer of systems for dust proofing, renovation and protection of industrial concrete floors. The patented BECOSAN® system is manufactured in Europe and used by the world’s largest industrial floor companies.

BECOSAN® concrete densifiers and protective sealers have been designed with the latest technology. They are considered as market reference for the treatment of old and new industrial concrete floors.

Our concrete densifiers and protective sealers penetrate deep into the core of the concrete and protect surfaces against premature aging. The abrasion resistance of BECOSAN® industrial floors is increased considerably. Treated surfaces have a wonderful aesthetics and are UV-resistant for many years. BECOSAN® systems are based on water and make an important contribution to the environment.


Reduced maintenance costs

Lower maintenance costs on your concrete floor and make it easy to clean and will cut down your cleaning costs dramatically

Eliminate future dust formation

This treatment will stop concrete dusting. Dust particles will not be able to leave a treated surface due to the process.

Improve abrasion resistance

To improve the abrasion resistance will increase the life span of you investment, your floor will be functional last longer.

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