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BECOSAN® Treatment

Finishing for industrial floors. Resistant, durable and dustproof.

What is BECOSAN® treatment?

BECOSAN® is a complete system for polishing concrete floors. It allows to treat large surfaces in a short period of time. The result? A resistant, dustproof and functional concrete floor for any type of use.

Finishing for industrial floors

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Dustproof guarantee

We guarantee 10 years warranty against dust. Enjoy a floor without dust problems.

Easy to clean

The penetration of water and other liquid substances through the surface is minimized, this allows efficient cleaning in less time.

Reduced maintenance

Due to the sealing of the concrete pores, maintenance costs will be considerably reduced. This means less time spent on daily cleaning.

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Resistant to traffic

A considerable improvement of the hardness of the surface is obtained. This increases of resistance against dense traffic of heavy machinery, impacts and abrasion.

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The high abrasion resistance extends the life span of your concrete floor. A BECOSAN® treatment is a minimal investment compared with the increase of functionality and improvement obtained.

Energy saving

Increased floor reflectivity reduces the need for lighting and energy costs.

Certifications and quality standards

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Applications areas

Finishing for industrial floors. Resistant, durable and dustproof.

Industrial warehouses

Logistics centres

Shopping centres

Food industry



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How BECOSAN® system works

How to easily polish concrete with the BECOSAN® system. There is no need to go into technical details, here you can get a general overview of how we work and what our method is. Thanks to our experience, we know that every floor is different and we like to take care of every detail before performing any work. 

Step 1.

Removing the micro-roughness

The grinding procedure will eliminate the micro-roughness of the concrete floor and open the pores of the surface prior to the treatment with BECOSAN® Densifier.

Step 2.


The Densifier impregnates the surface, penetrates and reacts with free lime within the concrete substrate. The chemical reaction produces a denser concrete surface, which reduces abrasion wear, binds dust particles and increases resistance to chemicals.

Step 3.


The water-based chemicals that are applied during the treatment are impregnations that penetrate into the substrate. They are not film forming coatings, meaning they are more suitable for an industrial floor due to the enhancement of the performance that will be achieved.

Step 4.

Designated finish

The industrial concrete floor will be more compact and denser and will increase the durability of the surface. Depending on your needs and the intended use, three finishes are available: Matt-PLUS, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss.