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At BECOSAN®, we eliminate all kinds of industrial pavement markings that are in poor condition: safety boundaries, signs, and transit lines.

We provide professional service throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

Specialists in removing pavement lines

Poor industrial signage entails risks, potentially causing operators to make mistakes and cause accidents. In addition, the prevention of occupational hazards requires adequate signage on pavements.

For this reason, we offer the removal of industrial marking on concrete floors, for its subsequent improvement.

This service is one of the previous steps before carrying out our BECOSAN® patented polishing treatment, with which we harden and seal the pavement and prevent future damage.

Professional Removing Marking Lines On Epoxy Paint
Professional Floor Marking Removal In Industrial Buildings
Industrial Floor Marking
Improvement Of Multi Purpose Pavement In Kirkel Industrial Building

The most effective solution on the market to eliminate industrial markings on large surfaces

If our client has transit lines or signage in poor condition, we proceed to eliminate them.

For this there are 2 types of solutions, depending on the type of industrial marking.

  • For industrial signage consisting of duct tape, we use a special liquid that softens it and makes it easy to remove.
  • For those cases with epoxy resin, we perform a complete sanding of the area and remove the remains.

Industrial marking removal projects

We have worked with large national and international companies.


This client required an intense repair due to a change of tenant of a warehouse, so it was a race against time. The 16,000 square-meter project was completed in a record time of 4 weeks. Repairs + BECOSAN® treatment.

There were paint lines, industrial markings, and old shelf anchor bolts that needed to be removed before polishing the surface.

Kirkel Project

The client needed an in-depth repair, where there were industrial markings in poor condition, semi-erased paint lines, cracks, and a multitude of screws and anchors protruding from the pavement.

Various repairs and our BECOSAN® polishing treatment were carried out, leaving the floor as good as new.

FaQ: about our pavement line removal service

Depending on the type of existing line or marking, we carry out the task in different ways:

  • Sanding: As its name indicates, it consists of sanding with specialized machines in the area where the marks are in poor condition.
  • Sanding and heating of the area: Similar to the above, but also heating the area so that the marks can be removed easier.
  • Special liquid: When the industrial marking allows it, we use an exclusive liquid that softens the line marking and facilitates its removal with spatulas.

We know that time is always very important for the client and we always opt for the fastest option for each type of marking.

This is a relatively quick and easy task to perform and we are used to carrying it out. So time isn´t a problem.

In addition, we work by zones and thereby factory production does not stop.

In addition to the removal of industrial marking, we also offer a floor line repainting service:

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us, one of our technicians will advise you by phone call or email.

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