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Line marking removal for concrete floors. We are specialist in concrete repairs and surface preparation. Contact us for more information.


We perform the removal of industrial marking and signage from concrete floors. This is a precursor to a treatment with our patented BECOSAN® system, where we harden and seal the concrete floor to minimise future damage.


Lines, patches, and signals; they are all elements of industrial floor marking. This marking is essential to delimit work zones, transit zones and provide guidance for workers and robotic machinery in a factory or a warehouse.

The first step in the repair or renovation of any concrete floor is the removal of industrial floor markings.  In our experience they are nearly always in a poor state. 

At BECOSAN we do not use any toxic chemicals in the process – the markings are simply ground away.

Once all the markings are removed, the BECOSAN® treatment can begin.

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Line mark removal
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From the moment that factory procedures began to be automated and factories increased  in size and started to install complex equipment, a need to define a space for each task became necessary.

The simplest practical solution was to delimit each area with lines on the industrial floor. These could well have a permanent character, applying resistant paints or resins.

With the implementation of these measures, it was much easier to know what space corresponded to what equipment or process, through which areas vehicles and workers would transit, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. 

With a precise redistribution of space, shelves and work areas, it was possible to optimize the development of activities within the industrial facility.


Beyond the visual organization and the aesthetic touch that delimits each area, each company gives it its own uses depending on its individual needs.

The marking of industrial floors brings different benefits to the users of a space.

Delimitation of spaces

These spaces can house a large number of machines with different purposes. It is an issue that may even seem confusing to company workers, especially novices.

A clear and concise delimitation will allow to know which spaces are assigned to which tasks, avoiding misunderstandings and extra work correcting mistakes.

Señalización suelo Industrial
Source - Interempresas

Better mobility

In industries where a significant amount of machinery and vehicles are used, which operate at a high speed or transport heavy loads, a permanently clear track for free transit is required.

The marking of industrial floors will help considerably the operation of vehicles, serving as a guide to indicate loading and unloading areas.

Increased security

One of the purposes of these elements of industrial signs is to indicate safe zones. Even with adequate protection, there are places where it is best not to get too close, such as areas with reactive chemicals, areas with very low or very high temperatures, places with elements that move at high speed or machines that handle enormous weights.


Faced with the need to place dividing lines in spaces, numerous options will be available. From railings, small false walls, to resins and paints.

Pegatinas de seguridad en suelo industrial
Source - Unifort

Easy application and removal

One of the important aspects when carrying out refurbishments in an industrial facility is the time taken to install signage. This kind of refurbishment requires a lot of time, time that can be used to generate income, so the faster and more effective the installation, the better.

Similarly, if an error is occurs during application, the marking of industrial floors needs to be changed easily.


The economic aspect needs to be taken into account when planning a new production facility. Unlike other methods or materials, the marking of industrial floors does not require large costs of materials or labor, since its implementation is extremely simple.

Remove old lines and patches

When you buy an industrial facility or want to make a refurbishment, you need to remove lines and patches. The procedure must not leave marks on the floor, as it is important to minimize damage to the concrete surface.

Placing new lines and patches

One of the advantages of using industrial signs is the ease of application. Lines and patches can be used to define the areas of visitors and workers, the space where the equipment is located, the minimum security separation for people and the transit of vehicles and machinery.

The implementation of safety signs on industrial floors in no way affects its integrity. Even solutions with anti-slip properties can be integrated, guaranteeing the safety of the corresponding area.