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BECOSAN – ISO 90001:2015 Quality management system

To guarantee that our service complies with the highest quality management standards set by the European industry, BECOSAN® not only uses first-class products but is also applied under a thoroughly studied methodology that guarantees the desired final results.

Thanks to this, BECOSAN® has the ISO 90001: 2015 certificate, which supports the quality of our work.

Why trust the ISO 90001: 2015 certification?

The International Organization for Standardization, better known by its acronym (ISO), is an international entity that comprises standards for more than 156 countries. Its aim is to maintain a series of norms, methods, and evaluation systems that allow maintaining the quality standards of products and services offered by companies.

That being said, one of the certifications granted by the organization is ISO 90001: 2015, a credential that is valid throughout Europe and also offers users a guarantee that the service or product they are receiving is of high quality. In this sense, when a customer wishes to purchase a product or service that meets high control standards, they can trust an ISO 90001: 2015 certified company.

The ISO 90001: 2015 certification is not only a stamp that represents quality, but also reflects the status and responsibility of an entire company. Thus, before granting this credential, an ISO inspector has to study and analyze the product/service offered by the company before gaining the certification. For this, criteria such as the size of the organizational structure, the climate within the company, the procedures they apply, and other criteria standardized under the ISO 90001 standard are evaluated.

For a company to be certified under ISO 90001: 2015, it must be evaluated biannually by an inspector, which, as well as supporting good procedures, it allows planning in order to innovate and continue improving the product or service offered to the public.

The importance of ISO 90001: 2015 certification for BECOSAN®

At BECOSAN® we know that our system designed to improve industrial concrete floors needs to meet the strictest requirements. Therefore, our treatment and the products used to carry it out have been endorsed by the International Organization for Standardization with ISO 90001: 2015 certification.

This way, we offer confidence and security to all our clients, as we have not only the ISO certification but also six other extremely important certifications valid within the European territory.

Access our certifications page to see all those that support us.

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