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DIN 52617 Certification –BECOSAN® Water absorption

BECOSAN® is an ideal treatment to improve the impermeability of concrete floors, making the need for warehouse maintenance activities less frequent. Therefore, water absorption is minimized with the BECOSAN® formula, which is backed up by the DIN 52617 certification – Water absorption

What does the BECOSAN® DIN 52617 certification guarantee?

The credential awarded by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) endorses the patented BECOSAN® system for industrial flooring. This system reduces the absorption of water through the concrete surface’s pores by up to 95%.

This improvement of the concrete has been evaluated according to the DIN 52617 standards throughout tests to determine, in construction materials, the coefficient of water absorption and hygrothermal performance.

Based on the obtained results, the DIN evaluation committee guarantees that BECOSAN® complies with the quality control standards, ensuring a concrete floor capable of minimizing the accumulation of moisture due to the porosity of its surface.

Why water is a problem for concrete floors?

Water is one of concrete’s main opponents. This is because water particles can filter through pores on the surface and affect the cement’s chemical bonds. When this occurs, the floor becomes susceptible to presenting the following problems:

  • Loss of hardness, which makes it more susceptible to wear by abrasion.
  • Cracks caused by the concrete’s hydrophobic condition.
  • Appearance of stains and mould due to humidity.
  • Degradation floor as a result of the chemical reactions caused by water.
  • Others related to industrial activities.

Due to these potential consequences, it is necessary to prevent concrete floors from being susceptible to moisture. To provide the industrial sector with a real alternative, BECOSAN® offers a concrete floor treatment that, in addition to providing greater physical and chemical resistance, gives it an impeccable, attractive and almost waterproof finish, according to the results obtained with the DIN 52617 certificate.

Endorsed by the DIN 52617 certificate, it is guaranteed that the useful lifespan of floors treated with BECOSAN® will be able to minimize and maintain ideal conditions against humidity and the presence of water as a result of all the activities carried out within industrial warehouses.

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10 years dust proof guarantee. Unique BECOSAN® patent

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