Epoxy resin floor repair

One common challenge faced with epoxy flooring is scratching. Though it is a common flooring option in commercial and industrial facilities, epoxy resin is prone to scratching due to the daily activities they are exposed to in such facilities.

However, when epoxy resin wears, facility managers look for an epoxy floor repair company near them to repair their scratched epoxy floors. However, the challenge with repairing scratched, old epoxy is the fear of the floor scratching again.

Hence, it is wise to opt for a better alternative by removing the old epoxy. This is where an epoxy removal company like BECOSAN® comes in.

At BECOSAN®, we remove scratched and peeled epoxy in commercial and industrial facilities and recommend our concrete floor treatment as an improved alternative to epoxy. Our polished concrete floors offer several advantages over epoxy floors, such as increased durability and affordability. Plus, our polished concrete floors don’t wear.

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Epoxy removal company

BECOSAN® is a reputable concrete floor repair company offering different services to industrial and commercial facilities. One of our services at BECOSAN® is the removal of epoxy, which we carry out without compromising the integrity standards of the existing concrete.

This video shows one of our past projects where we removed an epoxy in poor condition and replaced it with our polished concrete treatment. The treatment gave the floor greater safety, strength, and durability.

Epoxy floor repair near me

BECOSAN® is a renowned epoxy removal company specializing in repairing industrial and commercial concrete floors. We offer our services in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries.

Physical proximity is not a barrier to offering our services to clients, and we are always available to inspect and work on your floors. However, it is worth noting that we offer our services on floors with surface areas of 2,000 square meters upward.

Advantages of contracting our epoxy removal service

Are you skeptical of ditching epoxy floors for an alternative option? This is normal as you don’t know what to expect with the new floors. Our BECOSAN® concrete floor treatment has been regarded as one of the best alternatives for epoxy floors in industrial and commercial spaces, thanks to its outstanding performance.

Here are the advantages of BECOSAN polished concrete floors:


High Durability

The BECOSAN® polished concrete treatment is strong and resilient to weather pressure and impacts from the daily activities in commercial and industrial settings. Plus, our polished concrete floors don’t scratch or chip.

Lifespan english


Now that you have to remove your epoxy resin, you want an option with a longer lifespan and no headache of repairing it soon. This is why you want to go for the BECOSAN® polished concrete floor. One leading advantage of the treatment is to give floors an improved lifespan.

Easy to maintenance

Easy to Maintain

Due to the different activities in commercial and industrial settings, it is necessary to invest in floors with ease of cleaning. Regularly cleaning the floors helps strengthen them and prolong their lifespan. By daily broom-sweeping and mopping, our BECOSAN® polished concrete floor will maintain its physical look and overall performance.


One major benefit of the BECOSAN® concrete floor treatment is cost-effectiveness. Though it is a better alternative than epoxy, it comes at cheaper costs. This means you don’t have to break the bank to have a better flooring treatment for your industrial and commercial facility.

FAQ : Epoxy warehouse floor repair

Repairing scratched epoxy floors can be a daunting task, and it is usually not a DIY job, especially in industrial and commercial spaces. Also, repairing scratched epoxy floors is not the best way to go. We advise facility managers to opt for a better alternative like the BECOSAN® concrete floor treatment with improved lifespan and cheaper costs.

Resin floors, such as epoxy floors, are, again, not what you can repair on your own. If you must repair your old scratched resin floor, it is best to hire an epoxy removal company near you, who will repair or remove the existing resin based on its condition.

Thanks to their unrivalled strength to withstand pressure, epoxy floors and polished concrete floors are the most common flooring options in commercial and industrial spaces. However, there are a few differences between both options, especially in installation methods.
While epoxy is a synthetic resin floor system laid on concrete substrates, a polished concrete floor involves working on the concrete floor.