Forklift wheel cleaning system

Reduce cleaning costs and create a more hygienic workplace with forklift wheel cleaning mats.

Introducing a New Approach to Sanitizing Forklift Mats

It’s a state-of-the-art solution for reducing dirt and bacteria transported into production facilities by vehicles such as forklifts. Tension-sprung, patented brush strips deliver 24-hour passive protection for food production environments, laboratories and anywhere requiring the utmost cleanliness. Simply fit the system next to exterior doors and entryways — and let the brush strips do all the hard work.


How Do Forklift Floor Mats Work?

If you need forklift wheel cleaning mats to protect your working environment from dirt and bacteria, the system is ideal. These robust, hard-wearing mats feature thousands of small yet stiff bristles that spring back into place after being run over by wheels. Their inherent tension and strength allow these inclined bristles to scrape away debris from outside — thus preventing dirt and bacteria from finding their way inside.

Ideal for use as forklift tire cleaning mats, the system is supplied as a series of removable panels. Each panel is inset into the floor to create a flat and even surface. A wet cleaning variant of the system involves using a disinfectant solution, which aids the cleaning process. The solution is emptied and replaced periodically to ensure maximum cleaning power.

When wheels or feet pass over a floor, they’re cleaned passively through the action of the inclined bristles and — in the case of the Aqua option — the addition of a water-based solution. The result is a clean working environment without the need for constant cleaning — perfect for facilities that rely on forklift trucks.

Note: The wet and dry versions of this innovative forklift wheel cleaning system are scientifically proven effective. However, if bacteria control is essential, choose the wet disinfecting option.

Why Choose this system as Your Forklift Wheel Cleaner

These heavy-duty forklift truck mats are low-maintenance, easy to clean and exceptionally robust. Large-scale production, manufacturing and processing environments around the world are installing them because they:

  • Clean wheels and feet with minimal effort
  • More effective than traditional cleaning methods
  • Reduce the chances of cross-contamination in high-risk environments, i.e. food processing etc.
  • Achieve high health and safety standards with minimal effort
  • Cut operational costs associated with cleaning and equipment degradation
  • Create a more hygienic working environment for your team
  • Inspire confidence among your clients and partners
  • Comply with industry regulations relating to hygiene and cleanliness

In short, the system is a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to traditional forklift wheel cleaning matting. All you need to do is replace the water and clean the individual panels periodically. 

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The technology behind the forklift mats

If you’re looking for cost-effective forklift matting for a manufacturing or processing facility, this system is perfect. The patented technology that makes the system so effective is safe and easy to maintain — which is why so many businesses are installing it. 

Patented brush strips lie at the heart of this impressive technology. A significant amount of research and development went into creating a floor surface that can cut through dirt with ease. These specialist entrance mats deliver results with minimal effort or intervention — and it’s all down to the design of the bristles. Angled in different directions and made with robust materials conducive to removing stubborn dirt, they make light work of cleaning dirty wheels and feet. 

The system is a purely mechanical forklift mat solution. The system’s innovative use of inclined bristles and an angled base means it delivers maximum power without the need for an electrical current. And that’s great news at a time when energy costs are so high. 

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ProfilGate® Forklift Floor Mats Are Used

The system is very popular in manufacturing, processing and laboratory-led environments. But any environment that utilises wheeled equipment, such as forklift trucks, can benefit from the cleaning power of these patented forklift tire cleaning pads. 

Organisations from a wide range of industries are turning to the system for its sole and wheel cleaning capabilities, including:

  • Food producers
  • Food processors
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Research and development institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • High-tech production facilities

If your business requires a clean and hygienic environment at all times, the system modular forklift mats are ideal. They get to work every time dirty wheels or shoes cross over them — keeping production and manufacturing facilities clean with minimal effort. 

A Fully Tested and Certified Forklift Wheel Cleaning System

Unlike other forklift wheel cleaning matting systems, the system is scientifically proven to deliver results. According to the results of a study conducted by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute, both shoes and wheels were cleaned to a very high standard — even without the use of a cleaning solution. Simply by crossing a dry system, dirt and debris were removed and prevented from passing the threshold. 

For maximum anti-microbial efficacy, the IBELIN® laboratory recommends using wet cleaning system. In conjunction with the University of Bonn, a two-metre-long cleaning field — filled with a sanitising solution — reduced levels of the harmful pathogens Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecium and Aspergillus niger (mould) by between 90% and 99%.

The system boasts several official certifications that demonstrate its ability to clean both forklift tyres and shoes.

Anti-Slip Efficacy

The system has been awarded certifications pertaining to its anti-slip capabilities.

These certifications indicate that the system is perfect for use as anti-slip forklift mats. 

Flame Resistance

The system is in receipt of the certifications pertaining to its flame-resistance capabilities.

The panels have undergone stringent testing and are not classified as safe for use as flame-resistant floor surfaces. 

Food Safety

ProfilGate®’s patented brush strips fully comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulations on the presence of plastic materials in food production environments. 

The Perfect Partner for Becosan® Polishing Treatment

If you work in an environment with concrete flooring that must be kept clean and hygienic at all times, the combination of BECOSAN®’s polished concrete treatment and ProfilGate®’s patented sole and wheel cleaning technology is ideal.

Here at BECOSAN®, we specialise in creating and maintaining concrete floors with various proven techniques and technologies. But once we’ve repaired or rejuvenated your floors, keeping them that way can be challenging in busy warehouse, manufacturing and processing environments. That’s where the ProfilGate® system comes in.

By combining our concrete floor refurbishment with this tried-and-tested alternative to heavy-duty forklift mats, you can ensure your floors remain beautifully polished and clean for years to come.

Combine the polished concrete treatment provided by BECOSAN® with the cleaning power of ProfilGate® to keep dirt and dust at bay.

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