BECOSAN® DIN 51131 Anti-slip Certification

In recent years, it has been determined that in Europe many occupational accidents occur due to slips, factories and industrial warehouses are where this type of misfortune is most common.

Given that it is clear that slipping on a concrete floor is something completely within the industry, it puts the safety and physical integrity of the workers at risk.

Many concerned logistics centers and companies have looked for different alternatives to decrease their floor’s slip coefficient.

Amongst all these alternatives, those products or services endorsed by the DIN 51131 certification always stand out, guaranteeing that the treatment improves the anti-slip properties of a concrete floor.

Due to the importance of this safety factor for the industrial sector, our BECOSAN® industrial floor treatment has a formula that significantly improves concrete floor properties and increases its resistance to slipping.

Therefore, to offer and guarantee good results to our clients, BECOSAN® is backed up by the DIN 51131 certification.

Furthermore, BECOSAN® meets other demanding industrial standards having various quality and safety certificates.

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What guarantees does a DIN 51131 certification offer?

The Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) is a standardization organization. It offers a worldwide high credibility quality control criterion. For this reason, in terms of anti-slip control, the DIN 51131 certification is one of the most reliable within European territory.

Any company that is accredited by this organization is subject to strict compliance controls imposed by DIN.

This standardization organization carries out on-site laboratory tests to determine slip resistance, on concrete floors, according to DIN 51131: 2014-02.

If the results obtained from these tests are able to meet all the standard requirements, the DIN slip safety certification is granted.

BECOSAN® DIN 51131 certification

To enhance the trust and commitment towards our clients, BECOSAN® has been accredited with the DIN 51131 certification, which confirms that the BECOSAN® treatment improves concrete floor slip resistance.

This credential provides a security guarantee endorsed throughout Europe, granted after carrying out standard floor covering tests and establishing non-slip properties.

How the BECOSAN® system benefits industrial warehouses

The BECOSAN® system is focused on improving the physical-chemical properties of concrete floors in logistics centers and all types of industrial warehouses. The importance of having a polished concrete floor in perfect condition lies in several key factors.

  • Industrial safety: A floor treated with BECOSAN® improves its slip resistance, which helps prevent accidents in working environments. In addition, it offers a better surface for the mobility of working machinery and all sorts of goods or merchandise.

It also eliminates dust release, which helps prevent respiratory diseases and other conditions related to concrete dust.

  • Performance and production: BECOSAN® allows having a harder, stronger, and better finished concrete floor. Thanks to this, problems related to heavy loads transported by machinery can come to an end.

Furthermore, by improving waterproofness and slip resistance, workers can carry out all their tasks more efficiently.

Lastly, thanks to the aesthetic finish given by the BECOSAN® treatment to the floor surface, it improves natural light reflection inside warehouses or logistics centres, improving the overall internal light in the work environment and reducing energy consumption.

Here is a list of our floors for different sectors that would benefit from this feature:

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10 years dust proof guarantee. Unique BECOSAN® patent

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