Best industrial floor paint for concrete | Options and alternatives

In this post we will talk about the different options for painting industrial floors, which usually have a concrete base. It will also help you reach a decision as to how to proceed with a suface for your own concrete industrial floor.

Epoxy painting

Epoxy paint and epoxy resin are terms that are very often confused and used indiscriminately. If you were to buy an

Epoxy paint is a product used to paint different surfaces, being a material of high quality and versatility. It in turn has the benefit of offering external protection.

Its application is simple, and dries quickly. It provides a hard wearing surface and withstands traffic and temperature variations well.

It is also waterproof, can provide an intense shine (although you can also choose a matte tone) and is easy to clean and maintain.

Epoxy paint contains acrylic paint on the one hand, which permits customizations in colour and on the other epoxy resin, which gives the mixture strength and brightness.

IMPORTANT: Do not confuse epoxy paint with epoxy resin. Epoxy paint contains, in part, epoxy resin, which is another product and is normally installed by professionals. The confusion is compounded because they are used interchangeably commercially, but it must be clear that they are two different products with different compositions and results.

How to apply epoxy paint

Epoxy resin

When we talk about epoxy resin we are referring to a coating with a thermoset plastic base, which when mixed with other chemical substances hardens.

These two substances are separate and are made up of 2 components: the epoxy resin and a polyamide catalyst that will have to be mixed.

In this case, we have a curing process and not a drying process as in painting.

Blue Epoxy Floor

The epoxy resin is levelled, it is smooth without roughness and, unlike paint, it can only be used for floors.

Curing takes longer than paint drying, but in our experience it works better.

The new finish can be glossy or matte (as chosen), continuous without joints, as well as being waterproof, resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

How to apply epoxy paint?

For large jobs we recommend going to specialists, to ensure a good result.

Here is an explanatory video showing you how to apply epoxy resin.

If you want to know more about an epoxy floor, we recommend the following link:

Epoxy floor, everything you need to know.

Acrylic paint

As a support for painting, concrete is not one of the best. It transfers moisture from the ground or surrounding dirt and absorbs paint like a sponge.

Concrete floors require special paints that contain binders that contract and expand along with the surface.

Using homemade oil-based or acrylic paints on concrete will reduce the longevity of the surface, and you’ll be forced to paint again in no time.

Acrylic paints have the disadvantage that they peel, crack and do not withstand the usual wear and tear of concrete floors, pavements and industrial surfaces in general.

Epoxy Terrazzo flooring

Again, as in epoxy resin, it is not really a industrial floor paint, it is a floor covering.

It is a pleasant, decorative option for a floor. An epoxy terrazzo finish creates a mosaic-like surface that includes small pieces of granite or marble embedded in the epoxy coating.

terrazzo floor

This floor covering includes different colour and aggregate options such as synthetic materials, mother of pearl or recycled glass.

With the use of these terrazzo flooring products, geometric shapes and designs, logos, artistic renderings and contrasting edges can be created.

Our conclusion

In this article we have discussed two floor paints and two coatings.

If you want to obtain a higher quality, you should choose the coatings: epoxy resin and terrazzo flooring. Obviously, these materials take more work and are more expensive but the result you will get will be much more attractive.

If instead you prefer paint as is, we would recommend epoxy paint. Acrylic flooring should be your second option, since for surfaces like concrete they are not such a good idea

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