Anti-dust flooring

If you have an INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE, you should know more about what ANTI-DUST FLOORS are. You guarantee years of productivity and health for your employees. Know its ADVANTAGES.

Polished concrete dustproof floors are used when we don´t want dust particles to detach from the floor surface, in order to protect the flooring and avoid its deterioration.

What does an anti-dust floor look like?

These floors have a smooth finish with non-slip characteristics, which does not accumulate dirt and gives the feeling of being permanently clean.

For this reason, they are increasingly in demand in industrial areas where cleaning is essential, because it greatly facilitates and improves work tasks.

Given their magnificent features, we are going to talk a little more about them: where they’re used, types of finishes, advantages, etc.

Dustproof flooring installation
BECOSAN technicians installing anti-dust flooring | BECOSAN®

Where can anti-dust flooring be installed?

These polished concrete anti-dust floors offer great results, wherever they have been installed. Currently, we can see them in many large shops, workshops, and parking lots among others places.

However, where they work best is in buildings related to industrial warehouses and logistics centres, since they are where companies carry out industrial activities and hygiene is a practically essential requirement.

Anti-dust floors
Industrial Warehouses with Anti-dust Pavements | BECOSAN®


  • Food industries (slaughterhouses).
  • Chemical industry (laboratories).

Although we can also see them in warehouses, factories or hospitals.

Advantages of an anti-dust flooring

It’s very easy to clean and keep in good condition, therefore it is very hygienic. And, of course, it doesn’t release dust, which is its main contribution.

Also, it can be considered to be aesthetically pleasing, because it conveys the feeling of softness and warmth. Durability is another of its main attributes, compared to other more traditional flooring.

Dustproof Flooring
Not a speck of dust on this floor | BECOSAN®

They are waterproof, fire retardant and non-flammable.

“This type of floor has more than enough benefits to install it both in commercial and industrial spaces.”

Due to all these positive qualities, anti-fust polished concrete floors are increasingly in demand. However, the ease of cleaning is considered to be one of the main advantages that makes it so popular.

What finishes can be achieved with polished concrete anti-dust flooring?

Aesthetically it looks great and offers many customization possibilities in terms of brightness and colour.

Regarding gloss, at BECOSAN® we offer 3 different possibilities:

  • Mate-PLUS.
  • Satin.
  • Shiny.
Dustproof Polished Concrete Flooring
Check our finishes | BECOSAN®

Dust hazards within the industrial sector

In any factory, within the food industry or not, dust proliferation can be a serious problem.

Continued use of a floor, as a general rule, causes it to wear out and create dust particles, making the problem worse (even unusable) if it is not corrected and maintained correctly.

Dust formation affects in different ways:

  • Daily work tasks get complicated.
  • Employee health is impaired.
  • Manufactured products are delivered in worse condition.
  • Machinery in contact with the dust ends up working worse.

The dust, being so volatile, moves throughout the industrial warehouse, generating discomfort and health problems. One way to reduce its mobility is by using a forklift mat.

Industrial Flooring that reduces dust generation
Protect the health of your employees with anti-dust flooring | BECOSAN®

It becomes a very difficult hindrance to control.

“Thanks to anti-dust polished concrete floors, these problems disappear and maintenance becomes simple and economical.”

However, remember you can always deal with it by using industrial cleaning machines, such as industrial vacuum cleaners.

With an anti-dust floor, the company gains in occupational risk prevention and reduces maintenance and cleaning costs.

In addition, you also improve your image with the customer.

BECOSAN®, a company that installs anti-dust polished flooring

At BECOSAN® polished concrete company we offer a 10-year quality guarantee on our anti-dust polished concrete floors.

We have worked on projects in 5 continents for all kinds of companies and sectors.

Dustproof Concrete
BECOSAN guarantees 10 years of quality | BECOSAN®

Lastly, forget about arduous cleaning tasks (especially in industrial buildings with over a 1,000m2!) And choose an innovative solution that will allow your warehouse of workplace to have a free of dust floor.

If you’re looking for a functional and aesthetic floor, do not hesitate to contact us. We will adapt to your needs and offer you a multitude of alternatives. Or check out our commercial concrete grinding service.

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