Concrete floor repair and restoration contractor

Concrete floors in industrial and commercial facilities are exposed to intensive use due to stress from heavy traffic and hefty machinery. With this, the floors are prone to deteriorate over time, resulting in cracks, holes, and imperfections on the surface.

Concrete floors, a common flooring option in the industrial sector, suffer this challenge. Concrete floors, despite their hardened surface and durability, damage with time, no thanks to these factors.

Hence, managers seek concrete floor repair and restoration contractors near them to carry out a concrete floor repair.

At BECOSAN®, we are a professional, quality concrete floor repair company specializing in all types of repair and restoration of industrial and commercial concrete floors in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries of the world.

Contact us for any concrete floor repair services.

Concrete Floor Grinding 
Concrete Floor Crack Sealing
Removal of Epoxy Coating on Concrete Floor
Remove Concrete Anchors and Bolts
Expansion Joint Repairing and Sealing
Repair of Damaged Patches
Removal of industrial marking

Industrial concrete floor refinishing

Our concrete floor restoration service helps transform the floors into a more durable surface that can withstand impacts from the daily activities in the facility. Plus, the floors become resistant to damaging elements.
Here is a video of our work for an industry in the UK.

Concrete Floor Repair and Restoration Company near Me

We are your go-to concrete floor restoration contractor in the UK, Europe, or any Anglo-Saxon country. Here is how to start working with us:

Tell us about your case
When you contact us, we ask you what the problem is with your industrial and commercial floors. Since we want to know the present condition of your floors to identify the best approach to the repair process, we send our team down to your industry to examine the floors.
We propose a solution
Once we examine the floors, we propose a solution for the restoration. In a case where different solutions are available for the floors, we let you know, so you can choose which option suits you best. We also let you understand the financial implications of each solution, so we can work with your budget.
We start working
Once we reach an agreement on the solution for the repair, we go on to work on your damaged concrete floor. We deploy our team and tools to the facility and begin work immediately. However, before we start, we provide you with our requirements for the repair process, such as moving items out of the facility.

FAQ : Concrete floor repairs

Repairing industrial and commercial concrete floors is usually not a DIY job. Unlike repairing residential floors with a little DIY knowledge, repairing industrial concrete floors demands the expertise of a professional contractor. Hence, the best solution to repairing industrial and commercial concrete floors is to hire a professional contractor near you.

Yes, you can repair a concrete slab. This can be a DIY when it is minor damage. You can repair small damages on concrete floors by sealing the crack with high-strength epoxy to fill and bond the slab. However, when dealing with extensive damage, it is best to let a professional restoration company handle it. This is to prevent further damage to the surface.