Concrete Floor Repairs

Cracks in concrete floors are not only unattractive, they can also be dangerous and cause accidents.


We use best materials and machinery of the sector to offer the highest quality. We want to be part of your solution and we work to guarantee a floor that is better than new. Due to the BECOSAN® treatment, which hardens and seals the floor once repaired to avoid future damage.


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It often occurs in concrete floors in industrial or logistics facilities. Even though they have good preparation and care during the installation process, deficiencies and damages often arise during the life span of a concrete floor.

Although a concern exists of having to stop company activities due to repair work, the maintenance of a concrete floor is usually shorter and cheaper than total reconstruction.

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It is convenient to be aware of the appearance of cracks in the floor, as this is usually a sign that the concrete floor begins to deteriorate.


All industrial or logistic facilities with frequent and intense use end up generating problems and minor damages that require maintenance work.

It often happens that due to economic or time issues, the causes that generated the problem are not evaluated in detail and simply a layer of mortar is applied to get out of trouble and to improve the appearance. But the problem generally reappears, generating higher costs for all the consequent repair work.

There is no generic rule for repairing a concrete floor, each concrete is unique and must therefore be evaluated and treated as such.

For these reasons, before carrying out any type of repair, it is advisable to identify the exact problem and the subsequent use of the floor.


Concrete problems arise due to poorly executed procedures, flaws in the pre-existing surface, improper use of the floor, poor condition of the materials, deficient design of the concrete floor, excessive humidity, extreme temperatures, etc.

The most common and the first sign of deterioration that occurs in the floor are cracks, the first stage at which all the other associated problems begin.

Consequently, they can cause the detachment of pieces of the concrete floor, leaving the interior of the concrete floor exposed. In this case, the consequences are more serious in the short term if maintenance is not carried out properly.

Another area particularly susceptible to problems are joints in concrete, as these are spaces in which moisture and dust can penetrate. Over time, cracks can spread, widen and even interconnect with each other.


There are different types of materials available on the market for concrete repairs. Among the manufacturers of these materials stand out:

  • Sika
  • Weber

It is essential to clean and prepare the affected area. We recommend using a suitable mortar or resin for cracks. It generally consists of two components, in order to guarantee a minimum of flexibility.

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Strict hygiene regulations must be observed in food handling facilities or clean rooms. For this reason, the repair of cracks is a task that should only be carried out by an expert.

In addition, the application of mortars designed to repair cracks prevents the creation of dust in the affected areas of a troweled floor.

These repair mortars are recommended for their resistance to corrosive agents, their oil repelling properties and substances that are difficult to remove from the concrete floor. We recommend evaluating carefully the best options and materials to be used when repairing a concrete floor.