Cellular concrete

CELLULAR CONCRETE is a TYPE of concrete. Here we will explain its ADVANTAGES, USES, TYPES and how it is MANUFACTURED. You will also learn WHY AND HOW IT WAS CREATED.

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polvo en suelo de hormigon

How to stop concrete dusting

It’s frequent that no matter how much care is taken in the cleaning and maintenance of an industrial installation or warehouse, the concrete floor remains sandy and dusty.

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aplying densifier on concrete

Concrete sealers

CONCRETE SEALERS: Understanding the types and the process behind it. Concrete sealers are applied to concrete to protect it from surface damage, corrosion and staining

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Power floating concrete

Power Floating Concrete

Power floating concrete floors is a technique used with a power trowel, a finishing machine utilized to smooth and even the surface of the concrete to an exceptionally high tolerance.

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