What texture does polished concrete have?


Polished concrete has a smooth texture, this makes it a perfect option for many owners of industrial buildings who are looking for an impeccable floor, without any roughness.

Given the properties offered by polished concrete, its surface has a style that gives a touch of tidiness s and elegance to any room, whatever its use.

Smooth Appearance Of Polished Concrete
It is impossible to see a flaw or any roughness in this image.

Features and benefits of the smooth texture of a polished concrete floor

It’s a quality surface as it offers a very pleasant visual effect, being completely smooth, and also adapts to all kinds of environments, both exterior and interior.

In addition, one of the advantages that we offer in BECOSAN® and our polished floor treatment is that, despite the state in which we find the flooring and the demands of the building itself, it’s possible to achieve a completely smooth floor that is ready to start or continue with the activity carried out in the space.

Polished concrete has many benefits in addition to its aesthetic texture, since it also has a great durability and resistance.

“The finish and texture of a polished concrete floor is a smooth and continuous floor with sealed expansion joints.”

Polished Concrete Floor Aesthetics
The floor is completely smooth.

Just because it’s smooth doesn’t mean it’s slippery

Many people think that, being a very reflective flooring and being completely smooth, it slips.

However, when it comes to the BECOSAN® polished concrete treatment, the opposite occurs, since we have an anti-slip certificate (DIN 51131- Anti-slip), which guarantees the industrial safety of all employees who work in your facilities.

Smooth Texture Polished Concrete

Polished concrete and micro-cement textures can be misleading. READ THIS

As a concrete polishing company, polished concrete is a treatment and finishing material that is primarily intended for use in industrial environments.

As a concrete polishing company, polished concrete is a finishing treatment and material that is mainly intended to be used in industrial environments.

The problem is that it provides very good results in terms of performance and aesthetics that many people are interested in using them not only in industrial buildings, offices, dealerships or commercial premises, but also in private homes.

When it comes to home, at BECOSAN® we usually recommend installing microcement, which, although aesthetically appears to be “similar”, has more suitable characteristics when it comes to smaller spaces.

Microcement Work
We shouldn’t confuse micro-cement to polished concrete due to its texture.

They constitute an avant-garde solution, which adapts to modern and classic decoration requirements.

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