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Industrial flooring

Industrial flooring

At the moment of designing construction elements, it is necessary to consider the intended use and the characteristics that an element must comply with. And

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Maintenance of concrete floors

Dusty environments in industrial warehouses are a continuous problem because most of these floors are not being treated. BECOSAN®’s unique and patented system is a

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Power Floating Concrete

By power floating concrete you will remove imperfections and produce a flatter surface. By adding the Floor sleeking system, you will extend the life time of the concrete floor. But please be aware of the fact that power floating concrete is carried out later than hand floating, as the concrete needs to support the weight of the trowel machine. Besides of that it is worth waiting a little, the outcome is a lot better.

BECOSAN® Densifier makes the concrete harder, able to support very heavy machines and a lot of traffic. BECOSAN® Protective Sealer protects the concrete from the inside – absorption of oil, grease, water and other stains will be almost impossible after this treatment.

Your customer will be happy with the solution. He will find a beautiful and shiny floor – no need for much maintenance, synonymous with time and money saving.

Power floating concrete with a trowel machine is a very fast way to get a very nice result. When you search on the website you will find beautiful pictures of floorings where the concrete is the only and final floor coating.

Never before a concrete floor has become so easy-to-clean, dust free and durable.
The competition is fierce among the construction companies making industrial concrete floors.

The Floor sleeking system is the perfect system for highest performing flooring. It is a cost-effective floor technology. The customers are always satisfied with the high quality of the result. No wonder why the concrete as the final floor coating material is more and more in demand.

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A BECOSAN® floor requires little maintenance. The increased hardness and durability mean it is less prone to becoming damaged or cracked. This means that your business processes do not need to be interrupted to conduct repairs to the floor and cleaning is rapid and at a lower cost.

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Often a new tenant agreement can be conditional on the state of an industrial floor. With a BECOSAN® floor a new tenant can move in immediately. This minimises the loss of rental income. A floor in poor condition can cause a customer to try for a low rental price or, in some cases, look elsewhere.

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BECOSAN® Trowel Polish

If you search the web for BECOSAN® trowel polish, you will find a lot of pictures of beautiful shiny concrete floors, all results of the BECOSAN® system that will make any competitor envious.

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