How To Wax A Concrete Floor

Wax Concrete Floors

What is Concrete Wax? Concrete Wax, or Wax Concrete is basically a finisher for floors, usually water-based acrylic copolymers that are meant for use under

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Logistics Centers

Logistics centers are the core element for manufacturing and distribution companies. It is where the merchandise of every order and customer is taken and then

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Power Trowel grinding

Power Trowel Polishing

In this article we consider the difference between Power Trowel Polishing and Concrete Grinding. In particular we show how a Power Trowel can be used in

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Polished cement floor

Polished cement floors

The phrase “Polished cement floor” can lead to confusion. From the customer’s point of view, this term can be misunderstood as a  self-levelling mortar. Furthermore,

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concrete densification process

BECOSAN® Trowel Polish

If you search the web for BECOSAN® trowel polish, you will find a lot of pictures of beautiful shiny concrete floors, all results of the BECOSAN® system that will make any competitor envious.

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