Warehouse concrete floor repair company

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable, quality concrete warehouse floor repair company, offering our services to commercial and industrial facilities in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries.

With the service of a competent warehouse concrete floor repair company, facility managers can quickly restore their old, damaged industrial or commercial floors to their old glory. This is where BECOSAN® comes in.

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Warehouse Floor Resurfacing

Concrete floor refurbishment, also known as concrete floor refinishing, involves working on the concrete floor surface, such as grinding, to bring the floor back to its old glory. In the case of refurbishment with polished concrete treatment, it can be said that, the beauty of this floor improvement is that no new coating is applied, while the floor can boast improved durability with satisfying aesthetic value.

While warehouse floor refurbishment is necessary in warehouse facilities with damaged floors, it is also an excellent investment for warehouse concrete floors with dull surfaces, thanks to the sealant and finishes.

The major benefit of this is that it doesn’t take much time as other floor improvements, and it is more affordable.

BECOSAN® is always at your disposal for your warehouse concrete floor refurbishment.

Warehouse concrete floor refurbishment

Warehouse concrete floor refurbishing means repairing damages on the floor surface and sealing the surface. The ultimate aim of this is to achieve a better floor surface with an improved look. This is more useful in commercial and industrial facilities where the floors require high durability with a nonporous surface finish.

Warehouse concrete floor resurfacing

Warehouse floor resurfacing, like floor refurbishing, also ensures easy maintenance and sanitation, ultimately increasing durability.

At BECOSAN®, we carry out warehouse floor resurfacing to commercial and industrial facilities like warehouses with areas from 2,000 square metres and above.

Common Types of Damage to Concrete Warehouse Floors

Warehouse concrete floors are vulnerable to different types of damage, and regardless of the damage suffered, it is important to seek the service of a warehouse floor repair company. At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable, professional warehouse concrete floor repair company with different services.


Damages we take care of at BECOSAN® include:

Concrete Floor Crack Sealing

Cracks are common damage on concrete warehouse floors, and when they occur, it is best to immediately take care of them to prevent them from degenerating into a more severe issue. At BECOSAN®, we seal cracks in commercial and industrial concrete floors, ensuring the good condition of the floor.

Repairing Cracks In Concrete Floors

Removal of Epoxy Coating on Concrete Floor

Epoxy coating is a common flooring option in industrial and commercial facilities like warehouses. However, due to the daily activities that take place in the facilities, epoxy coating is prone to peeling and scratching, requesting removal and a new installation. While we remove old, peeling epoxy coating, we recommend installing a better alternative like our BECOSAN® polished concrete floor.

Epoxy Floor Removal

Remove Concrete Anchors and Bolts

Machinery and storage in warehouses are often anchored to the ground with bolts and anchors. However, with changes in the use of the facility, these machines are moved from their initial position, leaving the bolts and anchors behind, which should be removed. This is a part of our warehouse floor resurfacing too.

Removing Wedge Anchors Min

Expansion Joint Repairing and Sealing

Expansion joints are a significant part of a concrete floor, especially in warehouses with high stress on the floor. The problem with these joints is that they also damage even when the floor slabs are in good condition. This requests a repair, and it is what we do at BECOSAN®.

Concrete Expansion Joint Repair Services

Removal of Industrial Marking

Industrial marking is a demarcation, signifying zones for workers and robotic machinery in commercial and industrial facilities to follow. At BECOSAN®, our warehouse concrete floor repair service starts with the removal of industrial marking, which is usually in a poor state.

Removal Of Industrial Marking Services

FAQ : Repair of concrete floors in warehouses

One big advantage of concrete floors over other floor types is how they can be repaired. However, repairing concrete floors in commercial and industrial sectors demands the service of a professional concrete floor company like BECOSAN®.
Your company should understand the cause of the damage and integrate this into the repair service, ensuring a durable floor. A reputable company will also give the floor a final finish that gives the floor an improved look.

Sealing a concrete warehouse floor involves different processes, such as washing and cleaning the surface before applying a sealer. However, the best sealer to apply depends on the purpose of the concrete floor, and the job is better left to the hand of a quality concrete floor repair company.

At BECOSAN®, we seal concrete warehouse floors by first examining the condition of the floor to know the necessary work that needs to be done before applying the sealer.

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