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BECOSAN® is a leading industrial flooring renovation company. We cover the entire county of Cheshire.

Complete Renovation of Industrial Floors in Cheshire

BECOSAN® has developed a revolutionary concrete polishing system.

We first take care of preparing the concrete floor for the treatment: we remove screws and eliminate all floor defects (especially irregularities).

This creates a porous but even floor. We then use abrasive discs to finely polish the floor.

A densifier and a sealant are applied to give the floor its exceptional strength and spectacular shine.

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We are well-acquainted with Cheshire county and Warrington, historically significant due to its position as an important crossing point on the River Mersey.

The Omega development in Warrington is one of the largest mixed-use development sites in the UK, offering a combination of industrial, commercial, and residential spaces.

Its strategic location has made it a major hub for logistics and business operations.

A comprehensive renovation process

Our renovation service leaves nothing to chance: we address all the challenges of industrial floors.

This comprehensive service consists of 2 steps:

Step 1/2, prep work

A full range of renovation services.

Our goal is to deliver a surface that remains fully functional and operational for many years.

To achieve this, we offer a variety of services tailored to address any flooring concern.

Rest assured: we manage the flooring evaluation, freeing you from the hassle.

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Line marking removal

Demontage Von Schrauben Und Dubeln In Beton.jpeg

Industrial anchor removal

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Repair of joints in industrial floors

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Removing epoxy coatings

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Concrete patch repairs

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Repair cracks in the concrete floor

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Concrete grinding

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Concrete scarifying

Step 2/2, finishing

The innovative BECOSAN® treatment

The grinding process smoothens the concrete floor’s micro-roughness and opens its pores, preparing it for the BECOSAN® Densifier treatment.

The Densifier works by permeating the surface and interacting with the concrete’s free lime. This chemical interaction results in a more compact concrete surface, enhancing its resistance to wear, binding dust, and fortifying its defence against chemicals.

The treatments applied are water-based impregnations that deeply penetrate the substrate, rather than merely forming a surface coating. This makes them especially apt for industrial flooring, given the significant performance improvement they provide.

This procedure results in a more consolidated and dense industrial concrete floor, greatly boosting its lifespan. We offer three finishes based on your preferences and purpose: Matt-PLUS, Semi-Gloss, or High-Gloss.

Our achievements

Sainsbury - 60.000 m² - United Kingdom

A significant project in the UK that entailed the dismantling, demolition, and renovation of the old GAP warehouse, covering a vast 60,000 m2 (661,000 square feet) area. This project’s pinnacle was the leasing of the property to the retail behemoth, Sainsbury’s, marking one of the year’s standout real estate deals.

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Rugby Post Proyect 02
Rugby Post Proyect 03
Rugby Post Proyect 04

Magma Industrial Park – 28.000 m² - United Kingdom

Here, we have a warehouse used as a logistics centre that has experienced the typical wear and tear over the years, resulting in patches, fissures, cracks, and unevenness, as well as a great deal of dirt and dust.

The client, Prologis, reached out to us to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment and our patented concrete polishing. Once completed, the floor was guaranteed to be dust-proof, with enhanced resistance to stains, friction, and liquid absorption, as well as improved reflectivity and ease of cleaning.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about warehouse flooring refurbishment in Cheshire

Our renovation service in Cheshire might seem intricate: we address some frequently asked questions here.

If you still have any uncertainties, please contact us using the form below.

The treatment is perfect for both new and existing industrial and logistical floors made of concrete or cement-based materials. It offers a polished and long-lasting surface capable of withstanding heavy-duty activities.

Unlike conventional treatments, BECOSAN® doesn’t just polish; it also strengthens and safeguards the floor, guaranteeing a durable finish that withstands wear, abrasion, and dust.

Our service encompasses a detailed assessment, mending of cracks, surface levelling, and all essential preparations to guarantee the floor is primed for the BECOSAN® treatment.

The time taken fluctuates depending on the floor’s state and dimensions. On average, a regular-sized industrial space requires about 3-5 days to complete.

As a rule of thumb, we manage approximately 1000 square metres daily. However, we can adjust this pace based on the project’s specific requirements.

Only basic upkeep is required. Regularly sweeping and periodic damp mopping using pH-neutral cleaning agents will maintain the floor’s optimal condition.

The experts behind every project

Meet our team, the leading figures for our projects in Cheshire county.

Martin Kerrigan Becosan Uk

Martin Kerrigan

Our project director UK

He is the wiseman of all our operations. His skills are priceless.

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Ernesto Gaitan

Our team leader

Thanks to Ernesto, we are always able to deliver our projects on time.

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Kenneth Olsen

Our sales Director

If you have any questions regarding our offer, be sure that Kenneth will be here to guide you.

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