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BECOSAN® is a leading company in warehouse floor refurbishment and operate in the East Midlands region.

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Warehouse floor refurbishment all over East Midlands

BECOSAN® is a company that specializes in revitalizing warehouse floors within the East Midlands region.

We bring a wealth of experience and practical solutions for a wide range of industrial floor types.

We’ve had the privilege of working on many projects, assisting diverse industries in enhancing their surfaces.

Our range of services includes:

  • Removal of screws and anchors
  • Repairing and sealing expansion joints
  • Eliminating line markings
  • Patching up concrete
  • Fixing concrete cracks
  • Restoring construction joints and leveling
  • Removing epoxy floor paint
  • Grinding and polishing concrete
East Midlands
Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment Before 7
Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment Before 6
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Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment Before 3
Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment After 5
Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment After 3
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amélioration des sols agricoles par BECOSAN
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An all-encompassing service

With our extensive experience in complete flooring renovations, our company offers a comprehensive service that guides you seamlessly from the initial phase to the final handover.

This comprehensive service comprises two key steps:

Step 1/2, prep work

Complete floor refurbishment: prep work

Our goal is to provide a surface that is 100% functional and durable, capable of serving you effectively for many years.

To achieve this objective, we offer a range of services that can address any issues related to your pavement.

You can relax, as we will take care of conducting a pavement assessment, so you won’t need to worry about it:

Entfernung Von Industrieetiketten Mit Professioneller Maschine.jpeg

Line marking removal

Demontage Von Schrauben Und Dubeln In Beton.jpeg

Industrial anchor removal

Entfernen Und Abdichten Von Dehnungsfugen.jpeg

Repair of joints in industrial floors

Unternehmen Fur Die Entfernung Von Epoxidboden.jpeg

Removing epoxy coatings

Betonausbesserungsarbeiten In Schlechtem Zustand.jpeg

Concrete patch repairs

Reparatur Von Rissen In Betonboden.jpeg

Repair cracks in the concrete floor

Schleifen Von Industriellen Betonboden Scaled E1669107874121.jpg

Concrete grinding

Becosan Beton Frasen Firma.jpeg

Concrete scarifying

Step 2/2, finishing

The Polishing BECOSAN® treatment

We have honed our expertise in concrete polishing for the industrial sector in East Midlands, England, with a particular focus on surfaces exceeding 1,000 square meters.

The BECOSAN® treatment is a patented system rooted in Ride-on System Concrete Polishing, meticulously crafted to enhance the longevity, aesthetics, and resilience of concrete floors.

This method is especially favoured in industrial and commercial environments, where concrete floors withstand substantial foot traffic and must retain a polished and professional look:

Success Stories

Prologis - 30.000 m² - Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

This project entailed a variety of repairs and treatments for a 30,000 m2 surface.

The client is a major logistics operator that leases industrial warehouses throughout the United Kingdom. After the termination of the lease contract with the previous tenant, who was involved in the timber industry, the warehouse was left in a very dirty state, with paint marks, signage, a significant amount of dust on the surface, and numerous anchors and screws.

We assessed the condition of the floor and carried out the necessary repairs, culminating in our polishing treatment.

pre-notthingam 1
pre-notthingam 2
pre-notthingam 3
pre-notthingam 4
post-notthingam 1
post-notthingam 2
post-notthingam 3
post-notthingam 4

Magma Industrial Park – 28.000 m² - Leicestershire, East Midlands, UK

Another significant project that required not only concrete polishing but also extensive floor rehabilitation.

This warehouse serves as a logistics center and has experienced the typical wear and tear over the years, resulting in patches, fissures, cracks, uneven surfaces, as well as a significant buildup of dirt and dust.

The client, Prologis, reached out to us to perform a comprehensive rehabilitation along with our patented concrete polishing. Upon completion of the project, this provided them with a dust-proof guarantee, increased resistance to stains, friction, and liquid absorption, as well as improved reflectance and ease of maintenance.

pre-magmapark - becosan5
process-magmapark becosan 3
process - magmapark becosan 2

FAQ about our Warehouse Floor Refurbishment Services in East Midlands

In this section, we offer responses to commonly asked questions regarding our <strong>warehouse floor refurbishment service in East Midlands

BECOSAN® can repair all types of industrial floors. For instance, we can remove an epoxy coating and replace it with polished concrete, which is much better suited for heavy machine traffic and the demands of a warehouse.

With routine maintenance, the durability of the BECOSAN® treatment can extend over many years. It is engineered to withstand the demands of heavy machinery and high levels of foot traffic, which is why it’s a favored option for industrial environments.

The time required for the renovation depends on the size and condition of the floor. Typically, for an average-sized industrial space, the process takes approximately 3-5 days from beginning to end. As a rule of thumb, we can cover around 1000 square meters per day, but we can adjust the pace to meet the specific project requirements if needed.
Our aim is to reduce any disruption as much as possible. Depending on the project’s size, we can keep portions of the facility operational, or we can schedule work during non-business hours to align with your operations.
Certainly, we offer a warranty for the BECOSAN® treatment, which includes coverage for both the application process and the long-lasting quality of the finish. Detailed terms and conditions can be negotiated during the consultation.

We give preference to environmentally sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly materials and ensuring responsible waste disposal, in compliance with UK environmental regulations.

Our industrial floor renovation specialists

Here are our three managers for the East Midlands region:

Martin Kerrigan Becosan Uk

Martin Kerrigan

Project director UK

You will have direct contact with Martin, and he will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Proceso Hormigon Pulido Alemania.jpg

Ernesto Gaitan

Team Leader

Ernesto will lead, coordinate, and oversee the daily activities of the team, ensuring the achievement of objectives.

Kenneth Olsen Becosan.jpg

Kenneth Olsen

Sales Director

Kenneth will engage directly with you, providing the best solutions and addressing the key elements of the project.

Let's kick off your industrial renovation project today.

BECOSAN® covers the entire East Midlands and ensures quick execution. We can also offer commercial demonstrations, if necessary:

We have a UK-wide presence