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BECOSAN® is a company specializing in warehouse floor refurbishment. We operate across the Greater Manchester, UK

Experts in Warehouse Floor Refurbishment in Greater Manchester

At BECOSAN®, we are experts in full-scale flooring renovations, providing an all-encompassing service that spans from the initial planning stage to the final handover. We operate throughout the Greater Manchester area.

Our complete renovation services are perfectly suited for instances of tenant transitions, acquisitions of new properties, and restorative dilapidation tasks.

Leveraging our extensive experience, we ensure durable, eco-friendly, and effortless flooring solutions for contractors, real estate owners, and lessees alike.

Our work elevates the appeal of properties for potential tenants, thereby improving their marketability.

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Situated in the North West of England, Greater Manchester is a dynamic industrial centre known for its multifaceted manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Having a historical foundation deeply intertwined with textile manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution, the region has since diversified, encompassing a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemicals, and technology.

Housing a network of contemporary industrial parks, logistics hubs, and research facilities, Greater Manchester remains a pivotal player in the United Kingdom’s manufacturing sector, fostering innovation and economic prosperity while preserving its rich industrial heritage.

A comprehensive service

With expertise in complete flooring transformations, our services encompass a thorough process, starting from the initial phase and continuing through to the final handover. This comprehensive approach comprises two key stages:

Step 1/2, prep work

Comprehensive services for the restoration of concrete floors

Our goal is to provide a fully functional and long-lasting surface.

To achieve this, we offer a variety of services tailored to address any pavement concerns. Rest assured, we handle pavement assessments so you can leave that worry behind.

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Line marking removal

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Industrial anchor removal

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Repair of joints in industrial floors

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Removing epoxy coatings

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Concrete patch repairs

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Repair cracks in the concrete floor

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Concrete grinding

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Concrete scarifying

Step 2/2, finishing

The BECOSAN® Concrete Polishing

We have specialised in concrete polishing for the industrial sector in Greater Manchester, particularly on surfaces exceeding 1,000 square metres.

The BECOSAN® treatment is a patented system based on the Ride-on System Concrete Polishing, meticulously crafted to enhance the durability, aesthetics, and wear resistance of concrete floors.

This method enjoys significant popularity in industrial and commercial environments where concrete floors face heavy traffic and require the upkeep of a polished and professional look.

Success cases

Sainsbury - 60.000 m² - United Kingdom

We are pleased to introduce a remarkable project spanning over 60,000 square meters, undertaken by BECOSAN® in collaboration with Sunrise Real Estate Limited and Total Project Integration in the UK.

This ambitious endeavor involved the dismantling, and refurbishment of the former GAP warehouse in the United Kingdom, encompassing an impressive area of 60,000 square meters (661,000 square feet). The successful completion of this project culminated in the leasing of the property to the renowned retail giant, Sainsbury’s, marking it as one of the most significant real estate transactions of the year.

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Rugby Post Proyect 03
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Magma Industrial Park – 28.000 m² - United Kingdom

Yet another significant project, which not only demanded concrete polishing but also substantial floor rehabilitation.

In this case, we had a warehouse functioning as a logistics hub that had experienced the typical wear and tear over the years, resulting in patches, cracks, fissures, and uneven surfaces, coupled with a considerable accumulation of dirt and dust.

Prologis, our client, approached us for a comprehensive rehabilitation, including our patented concrete polishing. The end result not only guaranteed a dust-free floor but also offered enhanced resistance to stains, friction, and liquid absorption, along with improved reflectance and easier maintenance.

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The experts behind every project

Meet our team, the faces leading our projects in Greater Manchester.

Martin Kerrigan Becosan Uk

Martin Kerrigan

Project director UK

You’ll have direct contact and he will ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Ernesto Gaitan

Head of Team

He will take charge of leading, coordinating, and supervising the day-to-day activities of the team, ensuring the achievement of goals.

Kenneth Olsen Becosan.jpg

Kenneth Olsen

Sales Director

He will personally engage with you, delivering optimal solutions and addressing crucial project aspects.

Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we offer responses to commonly asked questions regarding our warehouse flooring refurbishment in Greater Manchester.

BECOSAN® offers a specialized service focused on the renovation and treatment of industrial flooring. We provide a system that enhances the durability, resistance, and aesthetics of concrete floors, making them dustproof and easier to clean. Our solutions are often used in warehouses, industrial facilities, and commercial spaces to improve the functionality and longevity of the flooring. BECOSAN®’s services can include floor grinding, polishing, and the application of their proprietary sealant and hardener products to protect and maintain the concrete surface.

Our renovation is well-suited for industrial and logistical floors made of concrete, delivering a polished and robust surface that can withstand heavy-duty usage, whether it’s a new concrete floor or an existing one.

With routine maintenance, the BECOSAN® renovation can endure for several years. It is engineered to withstand the demands of heavy machinery and high traffic, making it the preferred option for industrial environments.

Our service comprises a comprehensive examination, addressing crack repairs, surface leveling, and any essential preparations to ensure the floor is primed for the Becosan treatment.

The timeline depends on the floor’s size and condition. Typically, for a standard-sized industrial unit, the process takes approximately 3-5 days to complete.

As a rule of thumb, we can typically cover around 1000 square metres per day, but we can adjust the pace as needed to meet project requirements.

Our aim is to keep disruptions to a minimum. Depending on the project’s scope, we can either keep specific sections of the facility operational or schedule work during off-hours to align with your operations.

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