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Concrete flooring is a popular choice in commercial and industrial settings. This is attributed to the durability and practicability of concrete floors for commercial and industrial facilities, where they are exposed to different factors.

However, due to chemical and mechanical exposure of concrete floors in this setting, the floors are prone to damage with time, hence the need for repair. It is necessary for facility managers to invest in repairing damaged floors by hiring a professional industrial floor treatment repair company near them.

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable, professional industrial floor finish repair company in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries of the world. We offer all kinds of solutions for industrial and commercial concrete floors.

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Industrial floor solutions

At BECOSAN®, we are a force to reckon with in industrial and commercial industrial floor services. We offer different industrial floor repairs for commercial and industrial facilities.
Here are a few of our industrial floor solutions:

Industrial floor treatment

Whether your industrial or commercial floors are in good condition or damaged and need repair, the BECOSAN® treatment is designed to bring out the best of industrial floors. At BECOSAN®, we offer polished concrete floor service in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries of the world.

Our polished concrete floor treatments offer several advantages, making it the best concrete floor treatment for commercial and industrial facilities. While our polished concrete floors have increased lifespan, its improved aesthetic appeal is another reason it has become popular in Europe. Plus, BECOSAN® polished concrete floor is more affordable than other concrete treatment options.

Here is a video explaining how our polished concrete floors work and the benefits:

Epoxy Paint Removal From Concrete

Epoxy Removal

At BECOSAN®, we remove epoxy and advice customers to install a better coating option – the BECOSAN® system. The BECOSAN® system offers more advantages than epoxy, such as lower costs and a higher lifespan. Plus, the BECOSAN® system does peel.

Repairing Cracks In Concrete Floors

Concrete cracks repair

Our services include repairing cracks in concrete floors. At BECOSAN®, we repair concrete cracks by first evaluating the initial conditions of the floor. We evaluate the floor to know the severity of the cracks and outline the causes and the best means to avoid them. The evaluation also gives us an idea of the best approach for the repair.

Concrete Floor Anchors Removal

Removal of anchors and screws

Installation of machinery and storage facilities in commercial and industrial settings often requires anchors and bolts. However, when the need arises to move the installation, these anchors and bolts remain on the floor, which might not be ideal for the functionality of the space. Hence, it is best to remove the anchors, which is where BECOSAN® comes in. We remove anchors and bolts without compromising the integrity of the floor.

Concrete Joint Repair

Expansion joint repair and sealing

Though expansion joints are necessary for concrete floors, they play a part in concrete floor deterioration if not well managed. For example, when these joints are not sealed, they wear and expand across the floor. Hence, the floor becomes a safety threat to the workers.
While we repair damages caused by expansion joints, our services at BECOSAN also include sealing the joints to prevent future damage.

Note that timely repair of damages and sealing joints in concrete floors help extend lifespan.

Concrete Repairs Patches

Concrete patch repair

Most serious damages to concrete floors start from minor issues. When minor issues do not receive immediate attention, they expand and degenerate into more serious issues, which can be costly to repair. Since serious floor damages increase the risk of industrial accidents and halt business processes, we help treat little issues with industrial and commercial concrete floors. 

Line mark removal

Removal of industrial marking

One process in treating industrial floors is the removal of industrial marking. Industrial marking is useful in industrial settings to allocate zones to every section in a facility. However, with changes in the setting and running of activities, or when they are in a bad state, it might be necessary to remove this marking.

At BECOSAN, we remove industrial marking by grinding it away without involving any chemicals.

Escape Route Marking

Line marking services

At BECOSAN®, we also offer line marking or marking of industrial floors, when required by the customer.

Who we are?

When hiring a commercial or industrial floor repair specialist, you want to go for a reputable company.

BECOSAN® is the best company for industrial flooring solutions.

We are certified to carry out repair and improvement services on commercial and industrial floors, and we carry out work for all types of companies in the UK and Europe.

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Always industrial flooring professionals near me

With certificates from the necessary bodies to repair industrial and commercial floors, we carry out our job in different industry sectors in the UK and Europe.

Here are a few sectors where we offer our services:

concrete vs mirror

Case Study

Again, we are a certified and quality industrial flooring company in the UK and Europe and have completed a tonne of projects in different sectors. Here is a video of a project work carried out in the UK., to give you an idea of what you can expect from our service.

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