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Industrial flooring solutions for new or damaged floors. 10 year warranty

We carry out finishes in polished concrete, offering you the best solutions for industrial floors in terms of quality and price.

Our solutions for industrial floorings are applicable to new industrial floors as well as old ones in poor conditions.

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The choice of the type of industrial flooring is the key.

A bad choice in the election of your industrial flooring derives in future complications and expensive solutions.

Main benefits and solutions provided to industrial flooring

Dustproof concrete

Food safety

Pavement durability

Easy to clean


Logistics centre

Industrial warehouse


Shopping centres

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Food industry

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Industrial flooring

At the moment of designing construction elements, it is necessary to consider the intended use and the characteristics that an element must comply with. And as expected, there are no more demanding conditions than those of industrial buildings.

In spaces such as industrial warehouses and logistics centres, where many activities are carried out, it is crucial to have the right flooring.

Why pay attention to industrial flooring?

Each floor must fulfill a specific task, which will vary depending on the type of activity and the needs to be met.

This is why different types of industrial flooring exist, each of them with different properties.

Among the most demanding conditions:

  • Chemical Agents
  • Temperature changes
  • Vibrations
  • Machinery traction
  • Specific loads
  • Impacts

This is why you should pay special attention when choosing a floor suitable for industrial use.

It is the basis on which work is carried out.

As expected, the floor is designed to support all structural loads in an installation, such as heavy machinery and goods placed on shelves.

If the floor is not appropriate or mistakes are made during construction, deformation and deterioration of the other elements can occur. In the worst case, this can cause collapse of the installation.

Safety and health

Usually, in industrial buildings there is heavy traffic of vehicles and machinery. Therefore, it’s essential that the surface is maintained free of damage and with a minimum of maintenance, that will prevent the possible accidents, collisions and slipping by pedestrians.

How to choose an industrial floor?

Special care should be paid not to make a bad investment and to detect that the floor is in poor condition a few months after construction. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, a previous evaluation should be made.

For this reason, professionals with expertise in industrial flooring consider certain aspects before restoring the floor of an industrial building or the construction of a new concrete floor.

If there is no turning back and the choice was made in an unsatisfactory manner it is necessary to repair and prepare the floor before continuing.

Types of industry

The type of industry where an industrial floor will be installed can give us a clear idea of what the basic requirements are and each of these factors will determine the most favourable flooring solution:

  • The number and type of machines to be used.
  • The number of shelves to be supported by the industrial floor.
  • The possibility of exposure to corrosive chemicals.
  • The type of materials and equipment with which the company will work.
  • Drastic temperature changes.


When it comes to choose floor finishes available on the market, there are a few factors that must be taken into account.

  • Initial Cost
  • Maintenance costs
  • Durability

As an example we can compare the use of an epoxy floor to polished concrete. In the first instance the cost of the paint is less expensive than the polished finish, but it requires re-applications every 2 or 3 years (depending on the use), which in the long term is not a profitable option.

Why should you bother choosing the right industrial flooring?

Any undertaking must always have the best facilities in which to carry out the specific industrial activity.

In the same way, employees working in a company deserve to work in best conditions. This provides a good image and results in higher productivity.

Industrial flooring is used to provide comfort and safety in the working environment.