Car park flooring

BECOSAN® is an effective, profitable, and proven solution for car parks due to its multiple benefits and certifications.
The intensity of traffic in a car park can be completely comparable to any activity that takes place in a warehouse or industrial building, so the pavement can be susceptible to the accumulation of dirt, deterioration, or cracks. For this reason, in order to avoid periodic repairs and unnecessary expenses, it is essential to bet on an ultra-resistant floor.   Below, we show you some images of commonly used concrete and asphalt pavements. These floors can be considered to be an inferior and less durable finish compared to POLISHED CONCRETE, which we present as the best possible option, which is much more resistant and permanent.

BECOSAN® is a real and economical solution

BECOSAN® is the optimal solution for the installation of industrial flooring for car parks.

Required characteristics of a floor used in a car park:

Mechanical strength

The flooring must be resistant to abrasion due to the constant traffic of vehicles.

Non-slip curves and ramps

A pavement with sufficient grip is required, in order to avoid risks for drivers and also for pedestrians.

Quick installation

It should allow being installed on-site without affecting the rest of the parking areas as well as to be installed quickly.

Resistance to occasional fuel spillage

We a referring to a pavement that must be resistant to fuel spills, brake fluids, lubricants, or other types of liquids.


Once again, the spillage of fuels or oils makes it necessary to have a floor that is easy to clean and maintain.


The flooring must last for many years, as it is subjected to physical loads and high temperatures in the case of exterior car parks.
The BECOSAN® Polished Concrete floor meets all the necessary requirements to be installed in car parks. And it also has the appropriate certification for this sector.

ISO 9001 quality

Quality and control marked by the European industry.


Floor covering tests. Determination of the anti-slip property.

Declaration of benefits

Health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Common problems in car park flooring

Vehicle leak stains

The spillage of substances such as corrosive liquids or fuels is common in car parks. These disfigure the environment and are dangerous for pedestrians and cars.

Inability to maneuver safely

If a car park flooring doesn’t have a non-slip finish, it isn’t safe for any user. It must guarantee the grip and maneuverability of vehicles to avoid accidents.

Periodic cleaning

Although there are many industrial cleaning systems that make tasks much easier, car parks are places where a lot of dirt accumulates: dust, organic waste, etc.

Invasion of parking spaces

If the car park is in an urbanization, the pavement must allow the installation of manual or automatic fences that prevent it from being invaded by other users.

Experts in industrial flooring for the car park sector

Polished Concrete Car Park
Polished concrete is the best existing paving system. It is used for industrial and commercial flooring, as well as surfaces for parking lots, airports, and others. It offers resistance and durability to vehicle traffic that is unmatched by any other system. It’s the concrete we all know that is polished and then treated with a product that seals and hardens it.  These are the keys to why polished concrete triumphs over other systems:
  • Quick installation
  • Resistant to the traffic of machinery
  • Dense and hard surface
  • Good aesthetic finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable
  • Appropriate for almost any use, including car parks
The result will be a floor that is resistant to abrasion, chemical agents, shocks; waterproof, anti-slip and anti-dust.

Finally, we also offer to finish the treatment with parking line marking works.

underground car park marking
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