Flooring for the logistics industry

BECOSAN® is an effective, profitable, and proven solution for the logistics sector due to its multiple benefits and certifications.
The logistics industry is a regular customer of industrial flooring companies. It requires highly durable coatings that aren’t affected by the course of time. Flooring in logistics centres has to withstand large amounts of heavy machinery traffic that, in turn, move large tonnage loads. The importance of preserving the quality of the products makes it necessary to install safe and effective flooring. The logistics industry is subject to the constant movement of goods, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. It requires a floor that is dust-free, non-slip, and very resistant.

BECOSAN® is a real and economical solution

BECOSAN® is the optimal solution for renovations of industrial flooring dedicated to the logistics industry.

Required soil characteristics in the logistics sector

Regulatory compliance

Flooring must comply with all quality standards and have the corresponding certificates to avoid penalties and risks of occupational accidents for employees.

Fast installation

Imagine an Amazon warehouse that has to shut down for days to install new flooring. It’s unthinkable. This type of flooring requires an on-site installation that doesn’t affect other areas and can be done at a fast pace.


This is the main requirement that any flooring used in the logistics sector must have. With the amount of activity that occurs within these facilities, it’s essential that it should offer signs of durability.

Mechanical strength

The flooring has to show resistance to transport loads, as well as to heavy machinery, and people and vehicle traffic.


Given the number of liquids and other substances that fall can fall on the floor, it is essential that it doesn’t slip to avoid accidents.


The floor is expected to be easily cleaned and maintained. Floors are always disinfected and cleaned before possible inspections.
BECOSAN® Polished Concrete floors meet all the requirements of the logistics sector, and it also has its own certification:

ISO 9001 quality

Quality and control marked by the European industry.


Floor covering tests. Determination of the anti-slip property.

Declaration of benefits

Health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Common floor problems in the logistics flooring

Tire and grease marks

In the logistics sector, motorized traction machines are commonly used to transport, push, pull or lift all kinds of loads, such as forklifts or pallet trucks. These machines can leave tire marks on the floor, which, added to the fall of grease, oils, or acids, can quickly damage it.

Cracks in the flooring

Given the large tonnage of goods that are moved or even sometimes objects that may fall or can be dropped onto the floor from a great height. it is very common to see potholes or cracks.

Incubation of viruses, fungi, and germs

Worn and cracked floors can accumulate pathogens, which can cause us to fail to comply with health and food safety regulations.

Security issues

An industrial floor in poor condition exposes employees to occupational accidents. In addition to causing a risk to your health, it also represents a productive and economic cost for the company.

Experts in industrial flooring for the logistics sector

At BECOSAN® we are specialized in creating smooth, ultra-resistant, and economical industrial flooring. We are a company that adapts to new advances, and we are constantly evolving to adapt to you and your needs. BECOSAN ® flooring, in addition to being very resistant, is a system that has multiple advantages:
  • Economical.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Quick installation.
  • Durable.
  • Mechanical and chemical resistance.
We are the best flooring solution for companies within the logistics sector. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for advice.

Finally, we also offer to finish the treatment with line marking work in logistics centres.

Hall Markings
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