Chemical resistant flooring

BECOSAN® is an effective, profitable, and proven solution for the chemical industry due to its multiple benefits and certifications.

At first glance, we can say that all the flooring used in an industrial building are similar, but we can find some industries, such as the chemical industry, that require very specific features.

The chemical industry requires a floor that can provide hygiene, durability, and safety.

In addition, within this industry, we can find a large amount of volatile and corrosive materials which are handled and can be dangerous. The best way to guarantee health and safety to employees is by installing a floor that complies with the demands of the chemical industry.

BECOSAN® is a real and economical solution

BECOSAN® is the optimal solution to renovate industrial floors within chemical industries.

Required characteristics for a chemical industry flooring

Regulatory compliance

Lista De Verificación

The current legislation of the chemical industry is complex. For this reason, flooring must meet certain characteristics depending on the different regulations of each sector.


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It’s essential that a floor in the chemical industry does not accumulate dust or dirt. Likewise, it must not create or allow fungi, germs, or bacteria to grow. Floors must always be pristine.


Calidad Duradera

Given all the environmental, physical, and chemical factors to which they are exposed, the durability of the flooring is very important. Also, if it’s quick and easy to clean, it will last a lot longer.

Mechanical strength

Resistencia Mecánica

The flooring has to be resistant to the transportation of loads, as well as to heavy machinery and, vehicle and people traffic.



Since the products used in this industry are very delicate, dangerous, or corrosive, it is a vital characteristic that the floor is to be non-slip to reduce occupational risks.

Chemical resistance

Resistencia Química

These floors must have excellent resistance to chemical products and aggressive substances, such as solvents, which can rapidly degrade the flooring.

The BECOSAN® Polished Concrete floor meets all the requirements of the chemical industry. And it also has its certification, specific to this sector:


Quality and control marked by the European industry.


Floor covering tests. Determines the anti-slip property.

Common floor problems in the chemical industry

Spillage of substances or acids

Occasional spills or drips of all kinds of acids or corrosive substances may occur in companies in the chemical sector.

A constant need for cleaning

The hygienic needs of the chemical industry require extensive cleaning regimens. Thanks to polished concrete flooring along with new cleaning systems, such as steam cleaning, these facilities can be cleaned much faster and easier.

Collisions, impacts, and heavy displacement

Impacts, falls of metal containers or heavy loads, personnel transit, movement of forklifts or trucks… All of these things are unavoidable in the chemical industry, and flooring must be prepared for it.

Polished concrete in the chemical industry

The chemical industry works with specific and very delicate parameters, which follow demanding legal regulations, so the flooring within these facilities needs to meet a series of requirements. For this, it is best to turn to the best professionals in industrial flooring to ensure that you don’t miss a trick.

BECOSAN® flooring is non-slip and can be continuous, without joints, 100% smooth and flat with a great chemical and mechanical resistance.

If you want to avoid accidents in your factory, we assure you that polished concrete is the best alternative.

We will analyze the needs of your company and we will install the flooring that will fulfill all your personal and legal requirements.

We have the necessary permits and approvals to carry out installations in the petrochemical industry, offering a 10-year guarantee.