Flooring for the chemical sector

BECOSAN® is an efficient, cost-effective and proven solution for the chemical industry with multiple benefits and certifications.

At first glance, we can say that all floorings used at industrial level are similar, but there are some types of floorings such as chemical industry floorings that require specific performances. 

The chemical sector requires an industrial flooring that provides hygiene, durability and safety. 

In addition, the chemical industry handles a large amount of volatile and corrosive materials that are dangerous to transport and handle. The best way to ensure the health of employees is to install a floor covering that meets the requirements of the chemical sector.

BECOSAN® is the real and cost-effective solution

BECOSAN® is the optimal solution for industrial flooring renovations dedicated to the chemical industry. 

Required soil characteristics in the chemical sector

Regulatory compliance

The legislation in force in the chemical industry is complex. For this reason, the floor has to comply with certain characteristics present in the different regulations of the sector.



It is essential that industrial flooring does not accumulate dust or dirt. They must also be free of fungi, germs and bacteria. These floors must always be spotless.


Given all the environmental, physical and chemical factors to which they are exposed, the durability of the flooring is very important. In addition, if the floor is easy and quick to clean, it will help to extend its lifespan.

Mechanical resistance

The pavement has to show resistance to the transport of loads, as well as to heavy machinery and traffic of vehicles and people.


As the products used in this industry are very delicate, hazardous or corrosive, it is vital that the floor is slip resistant to reduce occupational hazards.

Chemical resistance

They must have excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive substances, such as solvents, which degrade the soil rapidly.

BECOSAN® polished concrete floors meet all the requirements of the chemical industry. It also has its own certification for this sector:

ISO 9001 Quality

Quality and control marked by the European industry.


Testing of floor coverings. Determination of slip resistance.

Common floor problems in the chemical sector

Spillage of substances or acids

Occasional spills or leaks of all kinds of acids or corrosive substances are likely to occur in the chemical industry.

Necesidad constante de limpieza

The hygienic needs of the chemical industry require thorough cleaning regimes. Thanks to a polished concrete floor together with new systems, such as steam cleaning, faster and easier cleaning can be achieved.

Choques, impactos y desplazamientos pesados

Knocks, falling metal containers or heavy loads, personnel traffic, movement of forklift trucks or lorries… It is unavoidable and the pavement must be prepared for it.

Experts in industrial flooring for the chemical sector

The chemical industry works with specific and very delicate parameters, which follow demanding legal regulations, so the flooring has to meet a series of requirements. For this, the best thing to do is to use the best professionals in industrial flooring to make sure you don’t miss any detail.

BECOSAN® flooring is non-slip and can be continuous, seamless, 100% smooth and flat with high chemical and mechanical resistance.

If you want your factory to be a place with 0 accidents, we assure you that polished concrete is the best alternative.

We will analyse your company’s needs and we will install the flooring in compliance with all your requirements and legal requirements.

We have the necessary permits and approvals to carry out installations in the petrochemical industry, offering a 10-year guarantee.