Pharmaceutical flooring industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires a clean, dust-free environment, especially the floors. Since floors are a potential cause of dust and allergens in commercial and industrial spaces, the pharmaceutical sector demands a special flooring treatment. This is where BECOSAN® pharmaceutical flooring treatment comes in. 

At BECOSAN®, we understand the requirements in pharmaceutical flooring, such that they must be resilient to acids, oils, and solvents. Also, the coating in pharmaceutical flooring must be resistant to impact and abrasion since the floors are vulnerable to heavy traffic and hefty machinery from the daily activities in the facility. 

Hence, we offer BECOSAN® polished concrete treatment to strengthen floors in pharmaceutical facilities. Out treatment is safe and helps achieve clean, glowing floors, preventing microbial growth in pharmaceutical environments. 

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BECOSAN® - The best pharmaceutical flooring system

Though epoxy flooring is a more common flooring option in the pharmaceutical sector, our BECOSAN® concrete polishing service is a better, improved option. BECOSAN® flooring treatment is more durable and cheaper than other flooring options for the pharmaceutical sector. 

This video shows what to expect from our concrete floor polishing service.

Necessary characteristics for pharmaceutical clean room flooring

Again, at BECOSAN®, we understand the characteristics and requirements of floors in the industrial sector like the pharmaceutical industry. These are the requirements of pharma flooring and how our treatment meets them:



Safety usually comes first in each of our services at BECOSAN®. Pharmaceutical facilities demand floors with a low risk of slippery, enhancing the safety of your employees. BECOSAN® flooring treatment is a non-slippery solution for industrial and commercial flooring.


Resistencia Mecánica

The flooring in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the cleanroom, should be void of dust and allergens. 

Ease to clean

Libre De Polvo

Flooring in industrial and commercial spaces like the pharmaceutical industry should be easy to clean. Since the floors are prone to oil and chemicals, they should be easy to clean to maintain a hygienic environment. BECOSAN® pharmaceutical flooring treatment is an easy-to-clean solution, helping cut back on the cost of cleaning.


Rápida Instalación

The pharmaceutical sector requires long-lasting flooring system. Since repairing floors in the industry can mean shutting down the facilities, it is best to invest in a long-lasting flooring option like BECOSAN®, ensuring that maintaining the floors doesn’t come in the way of production activities in the industry.


Lista De Verificación

The flooring in pharmaceutical facilities must also be resistant to chemicals. The activities in the environment are chemical-spilling prone. Hence, the floor must be resistant to chemical accumulation, and thankfully, BECOSAN® flooring treatment comes with a chemical-resistant coating, making it easy to clean the chemical off the surface.

Sealed joint floors

Calidad Duradera

BECOSAN® also understands that the floors must also be sterile and enhance contamination control.

Before working with a pharmaceutical flooring company, you want to know if their products and services are certified. Checking for the certificate they hold helps achieve this. 

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable flooring company specializing in industrial and commercial flooring, and we have got different certificates in different areas to back our professionalism in what we do. 

Here are some of our certificates related to pharmaceutical flooring:


Ensures that the floor coverings are slip-resistant.

Water Absorption

Approves the water absorption coefficient of the building and flooring materials.

Abrasion Resistance

Is a test for screed materials.

FAQ : Pharmaceutical flooring systems

GMP stands for floors that meet “Good Manufacturing Practice” standards. Relating this to pharmaceutical flooring, it ensures that the flooring fits the purpose it is designed for, such that it doesn’t pose a risk to operations in the facility.

The pharmaceutical cleanroom is a special room designed for the medical processes and development of medicine. As the name implies, the room is clean and void of infiltration and contamination to ensure the safety and hygiene of the facility.

Different flooring systems are ideal for pharmaceutical facilities. Epoxy is a great example of allowed flooring in the pharmaceutical industry. However, while epoxy might be a popular option, BECOSAN® flooring treatment is a more durable, cheaper option for pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Different reasons warrant choosing BECOSAN® for your pharmaceutical flooring. At BECOSAN®, we are a reliable flooring company with decades of experience working on industrial and commercial flooring in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon countries of the world.

Our polished concrete treatment is the best option for the pharmaceutical sector, thanks to its numerous benefits. BECOSAN® pharmaceutical flooring system comes with different advantages.

Lithium silicate densifier

Here are a few advantages of our polished concrete pharmaceutical flooring treatment:

  • Increased Hardness of the Surface: the pharmaceutical industry uses different heavy machinery whose impact can damage the flooring system. Investing in our polished concrete flooring treatment helps increase the surface’s hardness, strengthening the surface against impacts.
  • Prolonged Lifespan: the day-to-day activities in the pharmaceutical sector expose the environment to impacts, cutting back on the floors’ lifespan. However, the BECOSAN® polishing service helps strengthen the floors, increasing their lifespan.

  • Improved Ease of Maintenance: floors in the sector are also exposed to chemicals, which should be dealt with immediately to prevent microbial growth. Hence, the floors must be easy to clean, which is where BECOSAN® comes in. Our polished concrete floor treatment makes the floors easy to clean, so the floors can keep to their glowing, hygienic look.

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