Automotive Industry Flooring

BECOSAN® is an effective, profitable, and proven solution for the automotive industry due to its multiple benefits and certifications.
This sector requires resistant surfaces that can withstand frequent­­ traffic of personnel, and vehicles. Industrial flooring in the automotive sector must be easy to install, easy to clean, and resistant to chemical materials. In short, it has to be resistant, good quality, and durable.

BECOSAN® is a real and economical solution

BECOSAN® is the optimal flooring solution for the automotive sector.

Required characteristics for flooring used in the automotive industry

Mechanical strength

The flooring must be resistant to impacts caused by large objects and machinery, to avoid breakage or cracks in the surface.


In order to avoid potential accidents involving employees and vehicles, the floor is required to have a good grip and anti-slip properties.


It must be easy to clean as it’s in continuous contact with oils, as well as other similar products.

Resistance to occasional fuel spillage

For production and safety reasons, it is essential that the flooring allows for signs to be installed, which are necessary to separate zones and protect employees.

Fire retardant properties

In case of fire, the flooring should prevent the explosion of flammable substances, and avoid a potential fire to spread.


The flooring must show resistance and durability for many years since it is subjected to the physical load of machinery, vehicles, and constant cleaning cycles.
The BECOSAN® Polished Concrete floor meets all the necessary requirements of the automotive industry. And it also has the appropriate certifications for this sector.


Quality and control marked by the European industry.


Floor covering tests. Determination of the anti-slip property.


Health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Common floor problems in the automotive industry flooring

Oil or grease spillage

It’s common for there to be spills of substances that can be corrosive, so the deterioration of the flooring is more evident and, in addition, it causes stains that are difficult to clean, such as oil changes or brake fluids. Also, these substances can be very slippery and dangerous.

High temperatures

The machines can reach very high temperatures, so the floor must be prepared to withstand these extreme conditions.

Dragging or dropping heavy objects

As a result of all this type of “aggression”, the flooring can crack, and therefore, put at risk all the technicians working in the area. These continuous loads, such as the constant movement of cars and forklifts, can wear down the flooring.

Difficult to repair

When heavy objects fall from a considerable height, the floor can deteriorate or break. In these cases, it’s essential that the flooring facilitates repairs or rehabilitation work. Also, if certain machines may need to be anchored or unanchored, this must not leave cracks or debris.

Experts in industrial flooring for the automotive sector

Polished concrete BECOSAN®
The polished concrete flooring that BECOSAN® offers the automotive sector is approved and has the mandatory protocols which guarantee compliance with health and safety standards. It is the best existing flooring system and is used as an industrial flooring for many sectors such as the automotive industry, as well as for commercial use, parking lots, airports, and others. It offers resistance and durability to vehicle traffic that is unmatched by any other system. It’s the hard concrete we all know that is polished and then treated with a product that seals and hardens it.  BECOSAN® flooring for the automotive sector has the following advantages:
  • Quick installation
  • It complies with health and safety regulations
  • Non-slip
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to the traffic of machinery
  • Dense and hard surface
  • Good aesthetic finish
  • Durable
The result will be a flooring that is resistant to abrasion, chemical agents, shocks; waterproof, anti-slip and anti-dust. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will advise and help you so that the installation fully adjusts to your flooring needs.