Warehouse Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is a common flooring option in commercial facilities, such as warehouses. This is no surprise since concrete flooring is a durable option for different applications.

However, concrete floors in warehouses demand special treatment due to the daily activities and machinery that expose them to impacts. This is where BECOSAN® concrete floor treatment comes in.

BECOSAN® polished concrete floor is a durable and affordable concrete floor treatment for warehouses. Our polished concrete floor comes with different advantages, such as hardness of the surface and a glowing surface.

We specialize in commercial and industrial concrete floors with surface areas from 2,000 square metres and offer our services in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries of the world.

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BECOSAN® The best industrial warehouse flooring

BECOSAN® is the best floor treatment for industrial warehouse flooring. Our concrete floor treatment comes with different benefits, such as outstanding durability and a mirror-like look.
This video explains how our warehouse concrete flooring polishing works and the benefits it offers.

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Necessary characteristics that an industrial warehouse floor must fulfill

A warehouse plays a significant role in the setting of an organization and hence, must meet different performance characteristics. As a professional concrete floor treatment company for industrial warehouses, we understand the requirements of warehouse flooring and carry out our treatment accordingly.
Here are necessary characteristics an industrial warehouse floor must fulfil:

Resistance to Mechanical Stress

003 Forklift

One major characteristic of warehouse flooring is resistance to mechanical stress. Floors in warehouses are vulnerable to wearing due to mechanic stress that occurs with the activities in the facility.
For example, movement of goods and equipment and traffic in the facility are a potential cause of abrasion wear to the floor, resulting in the destruction of the warehouse floors.
Hence, our polished warehouse concrete floors are highly resistant to stress.

Resistance to chemical loads

002 Chemistry

Warehouse flooring must also be resistant to chemical loads. Due to the machines and mechanisms in the facility, the free lime in the floor base reacts with chemical, salt, and oil content on the floor. This, with no thanks to the carbon dioxide in the air, results in the destruction of the floors.
Hence, the flooring must be intelligently sealed, which is a special consideration in our polished concrete floors in warehouses.


Rápida Instalación

While managers cherish durability and maintainability in the choice of flooring for warehouses, they also factor in affordability. The cost of constructing and maintaining a warehouse floor contributes to how cheap a floor is.
BECOSAN® polished concrete floors for industrial warehouses are not just the best but also a cheaper option. Our concrete floor treatment is cheaper than other options like tile or epoxy.

Decorative Properties


Not only must warehouse flooring be durable, but the appearance must also be one of a kind. Hence, at BECOSAN®, we pay considerable attention to the appearance of the floors.

Compliance with standards

Calidad Duradera

The UK and other countries have standards for different categories of flooring. Hence, industrial warehouse flooring must floor the standards specialized in the region. For example, the Fire Safety and Sanitary-Hygienic Rules and Norms ensure improved quality of cleaning to enhance floor hygiene in warehouses.

When hiring a flooring company for an industrial warehouse, it is advised to consider the certificates they hold. Making a selection based on certificates means the company has been vetted and certified by the necessary bodies.
As a professional, reputable concrete floor company in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries of the world, we are certified in different areas of concrete flooring. Here are some of our certificates:

Declaration of Performance

stamp EN-CE black

This sees to the health, safety, and environmental protection standards of products sold within the European Economic Area.


Anti Slip

Warehouse flooring must be resistant to slipping. At BECOSAN®, our floor coverings have been tested for anti-slip properties. Hence, we were awarded an Anti-Slip certificate.

Water Absorption

stamp water absorption

How much water warehouse floors absorb contributes to the durability of the floors. Hence, specialists must be careful with their choice of materials for warehouse flooring. At BECOSAN®, we understand this, and our materials have been tested for water absorption coefficient, earning us a Water Absorption certificate.

Abrasion Resistance

stamp EN-abrasion black

Again, warehouse flooring must be resistant to abrasion wear. An Abrasion Resistance certificate certifies that a flooring company complies with wear-resistance standards by BCA.

FAQ : Warehouse flooring solutions

A polished concrete floor is a more affordable flooring option than tile in different applications like warehouses. Since a tile floor involves higher material and labour costs, the total cost is higher than a polished concrete floor.

One of the numerous advantages of BECOSAN® polished concrete floors is resistance to abrasion wear. Hence, BECOSAN® polished concrete floors don’t scratch, thanks to our high-performance coating and finishes.

The safety of employees in warehouses is important, demanding that surfaces in the facility are slip-resistant. Since we prioritize safety in all our services at BECOSAN®, our floors are not slippery. This is accredited, again, to our anti-slippery coating and finishes.


BECOSAN® is an important, reliable concrete floor company with a track record of high-performance projects in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries. You want to choose BECOSAN® if you are looking for a professional, reliable flooring specialist around you.

Besides our reputation as a company our polished concrete floor service is popular for different advantages. Here are a few benefits of our polished concrete floors:
  • High Durability
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Long Lifespan
  • Chemical-Resistant
  • Design Options
  • Cost-Effective
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Thermal Shock-Resistant
  • Static Dissipative
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