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Industrial Safety

Industrial safety consists of a series of regulations and methods used to protect each worker in an industrial building, minimizing the risk of the activities and during the production phases.


Without it, the potential risks of each activity would have an open field to cause damage, leading the industry into an unpleasant and concerning condition.

The main goal is to provide best conditions for productivity, with industrial flooring being an important part of industrial safety.

What is industrial safety?

Basically, industrial safety is a set of measures and standards that ensure the integrity of an industry‘s environment. In other words, whether human beings, material goods or the environment are involved.

Workers in an industrial building interact with machinery, equipment, instruments, chemicals, etc. and are exposed to different risks and hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to properly define and detail each element involved.

Industrial safety measures are mandatory and legally binding. Any failure to comply by a company will result in a fine or strict sanction.

In addition, industrial safety includes regulations for directing actions in emergency situations on the building.

Why is it important to have safety measures in workplaces?

Although workspaces are environments for productivity, they cannot be taken for granted to be safe.

The history of the industry includes several cases of fatal risks for people, companies and the environment. Their cause is due to the omission and/or underestimation of industrial safety measures.

Although the machinery is manufactured under quality standards and controls, poor handling can cause both the operator and the machine to be injured or damaged by accidents or unintentional situations.

Industrial safety is responsible for establishing good practices that are efficient, hygienic, with low environmental impact and, in general, ideal conditions for carrying out activities; good lighting, ventilation and traffic surfaces in perfect condition.

Main accident prevention measures

The Health and Safefety Executive is made up of regulations aimed at certain areas of work.

Without paying too much attention to technicalities or strict definitions, here are the main accident prevention measures:

  • First of all, the work space must remain clean and organized. The corridors must be free of obstacles and substances and well illuminated. All waste and residues must be treated and disposed of.
  • To have a prepared floor without cracks and faults that could cause accidents.
  • Heavy machinery, equipment and instruments must be operated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, they must receive regular maintenance and continuous inspection and evaluation.
  • Establish floor marking of work spaces and safety signs, in order to identify fire extinguishers, emergency exits and hazardous areas, such as electrical contacts, tanks for toxic and flammable substances, etc.
  • All employees must be equipped with basic protective equipment such as safety shoes, safety glasses, earplugs, helmets, masks, gloves, etc.
  • Work spaces must have areas with sanitary installations to guarantee hygiene in production activities.

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