International project – 3.000 m2 – Kerpen

Repair and treatment of large-area polished concrete in Germany Restoration by polishing with repairs for industrial building A project of special relevance, as it required a lot of technique to be able to carry out all the work. Firstly, it was necessary to remove the screws, something very common in logistics companies, due to the […]

Hotel parking – 1.000 m2 – Tarifa

Refurbishment of a hotel garage with BECOSAN® treatment – 1.000m2 Concrete floor improvement in car park with BECOSAN® treatment The hotel client had a garage that was suffering from the usual problems of these surfaces: scuff marks, oil leaks, which added to the passage of time and the wear and tear of the floor due […]

Borgui – 500 m2 – Italy

Upgrading the floor of an industrial machinery warehouse in Italy Old floor refurbished with polished concrete treatment Borghi S.p.A. is a company that manufactures machinery for the broom and brush industry. In their main factory, located in the capital of Italy, they assemble the machines that are then transferred to their different distribution points spread […]

Wrapsign – 1.500 m2 – Germany

Renovation of the surface area of a logistics centre in Germany. Restoration by dry polishing with BECOSAN® treatment to improve and protect the surface. Wrapsign, a luxury car wrapping and screen printing company, contacted BECOSAN® to refurbish the floor of their premises. Given the many years they had been exhibiting cars and carrying out their […]

International project – 1.000 m2 – Naples

Restoration of floor for building materials warehouse Restoration of stained, dusty floor with concrete polish This time the client was a company specialising in the sale of construction materials (plaster bags, plasterboard, cement, silicone, etc.). The floor, although it did not have any cracks, patches or other usual flaws, did have a lot of stains […]

Amazon – 4.500 m2 – Madrid

Integral refurbishment of a dusty floor for logistics industry Restoration of the deteriorated floor of the goods warehouse E-commerce giant Amazon rented a warehouse, but the floor was very dusty and deteriorated, due to its age. Given the wide range of products they store, the floor needed to be abrasion resistant, dust proof and easy […]

ETC Connect – 2,000 m2 – Munich

Hardening and sealing treatment for an industrial warehouse in Germany Dustproofing and improvement of concrete floors for industrial use Company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and lenses for the lighting of theatres and scenographies. As can be seen in the photos, it was a good floor but dusty and porous, this client was looking […]

Veith KG – 1.800 m2 – Öhringen

Upgrading of industrial flooring for high-precision parts factory in Germany Dustproofing treatment for flooring in a high-precision German factory. Alfred Konrad Veith GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of high-precision parts. Germany is known, among other things, for the quality of its manufacturing processes and products. This high-precision components factory required a dust-free environment and […]

Segro – 16.000 m2 – Belgium

Rehabilitation of floor in industrial building between tenants Complete renovation of 16,000 metres of industrial flooring in Belgium for Segro. This is an industrial building owned by the company Segro, which needed to be refurbished before handing it over to a new client. Cracks and joints were repaired, the substrate was prepared, industrial markings were […]