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BECOSAN® helps you to treat old and new concrete floors. By treating the polished concrete floors with the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer it stops the penetration of chlorides, oil and water, while it’s still possible for the surface to breathe, important to prevent moisture in the concrete.

Yes, polished concrete floors need a surface protection in order not only to prevent stains but also to become easy-to-clean. When your floor surface has been treated with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, you don’t have to use strong cleaning products, which generally are harmful to Nature. Only water and perhaps some mild soap once in a while. You will very quickly see a drop in the maintenance costs. A small but important detail. BECOSAN® only uses green solutions. We will never compromise.

Yes, polished concrete floors need a surface protection everywhere you have a lot of traffic; floors subjected to heavy forklifts and tow motor traffic: warehouses, distribution centres, automotive assembly plants, manufacturing plants, textile mills,

coolers and freezers, food processing plants, service garages, grocery stores, discount retail stores, hub transfer facilities, commercial buildings… the list is very long.

And even in private homes polished concrete floors are getting more and more popular. Polished concrete looks like stone and is highly durable. It’s decorative, practical and economical. It’s less slippery than linoleum or marble. If you have ever fallen on a hard floor, you will think of any solution not to let that happen again. It indeed can be dangerous.

Polished concrete floors need a surface protection. Please call our office, our consultants will be happy to answer any questions.

We are very proud of our work. Our experts have been working many days and nights in researching. Today the concrete has become an absolutely interesting material for floor covering, when it has been treated the right way and with BECOSAN®. For only a couple of years ago it was inconceivable.

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