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BECOSAN® is a company specializing in industrial concrete polishing. We operate throughout the East Midlands.

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Concrete Polishing Services in East Midlands

BECOSAN® provides a practical solution for all types of industrial floors in the East Midlands England region.

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve had the privilege of working on various projects, assisting different industries in enhancing their surfaces thanks to concrete polishing.

East Midlands
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Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment Before 6
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Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment Before 3
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Rugby 661 Becosan Tpi Sunrise Warehouse Refurbishment After 3
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amélioration des sols agricoles par BECOSAN
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A versatile solution: ideal for all types of floors

Concrete polishing in the East Midlands region is commonly sought after for three different sectors (commercial, industrial, and residential), each with its distinct characteristics, which we will explain below:

Industrial Concrete Polishing

Veith Kg New Industrial Concrete Floor Treatment 11

We have specialized in industrial concrete polishing, particularly for surfaces exceeding 1,000 square meters.

Concrete polishing is not merely for aesthetic purposes; it is primarily carried out for functionality and safety.

With high-tech machinery and an expert team, we transform vast areas into functional workspaces. The outcome is a durable, easy-to-maintain floor, tailored to the demands of the industrial environment.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Commercial concrete polishing encompasses everything from retail stores, offices, and restaurants to large retail spaces.

In our case, we specialize in concrete polishing for extensive areas and supermarkets exceeding 1,000 square meters.

These locations require durable and high-quality solutions due to constant traffic and usage.

Residential Concrete Polishing

Residential concrete polishing is sought after for house floors, terraces, and patios, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.

Despite its popularity in the residential sector, we do not offer this service.

Two types of polishing


Grinding Of Floors With Sanding Machine

The Traditional Concrete Polishing is a time-tested technique that comprises a series of meticulous steps focused on eliminating imperfections, improving durability, and providing an unparalleled shine to the surface.

Every project executed using this method guarantees a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing result, suitable for various applications in the East Midlands region.

Ride on System


Incorporating cutting-edge machinery, this advanced system enables quicker and more consistent polishing.

Thanks to the capability to swiftly cover large surfaces, the Ride on System stands as the perfect choice for sizable industrial projects in the East Midlands.

Moreover, it guarantees minimized downtime, reduced operational expenses, and a premium finish that can withstand the most rigorous requirements.

About our BECOSAN® Treatment

The BECOSAN® treatment is a patented system built upon Ride on System Concrete Polishing, with a specific focus on enhancing the durability, aesthetics, and wear resistance of concrete floors.

It finds significant popularity in industrial and commercial environments characterized by heavy foot traffic, where maintaining a polished and professional appearance is crucial.

Here are the primary steps of the polishing process that we follow on our East Midlands construction sites.

Sample Micro Polishing With Resin Roughing Becosan Concrete

Initial Assessment

Before commencing, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current floor condition. This step is vital for identifying areas that need special attention and determining the level of polishing required.

Concrete Patches Repairs

Surface Preparation

Every great finish begins with meticulous preparation. We remove any existing coatings or residues, ensuring the surface is clean and ready for polishing. Additionally, we repair cracks or imperfections to ensure a uniform finish.

Becosan Polished Concrete Process

Micro grinding: Removing microroughness

Using specialized machinery and progressive-grit diamond discs, we polish the surface in multiple passes, increasing the fineness with each stage. Each polishing level enhances the floor’s shine and smooth texture even further.

Lithium densifier treatment for concrete

Densification and Hardening

To enhance the floor’s durability and resistance, we apply a liquid densifier. This product permeates the concrete and undergoes a chemical reaction to solidify and densify the floor’s components.

Polished Floor Concrete Sealer Application

Sealing and Protection

In this stage, we provide a sealing that helps the concrete withstand potential stains or external agents, thereby extending its longevity and appearance.

Work With Becosan Treatment

Final Polishing

With the surface nearly completed, we carry out the final polishing rounds. This final process ensures a glossy and resilient finish.

By following these steps, we ensure the durability of industrial floors. We apply this method to all industrial and commercial projects in the East Midlands.

Benefits for Your Floor

Examples of completed projects

Prologis - 30.000 m² - East Midlands, UK

The client, Prologis, is a major logistics provider that leases industrial warehouses across the UK. Following the termination of the lease agreement with the former tenant, engaged in the timber industry, the warehouse was left in a very dirty state, with paint and signage marks and a substantial amount of dust on the surface.

To make it suitable for re-rental, they required all quality assurances, so they chose to place their trust in us and called upon our services to complete all the tasks.

Rugby Pre Proyect 01
Rugby Pre Proyect 02
Rugby Pre Proyect 03
Rugby Pre Proyect 04
Rugby Post Proyect 01
Rugby Post Proyect 02
Rugby Post Proyect 03
Rugby Post Proyect 04

Magma Industrial Park – 28.000 m² - East Midlands, UK

Here we have a warehouse dedicated as a logistics center that has experienced the usual wear and tear over the years, resulting in patches, cracks, fissures, and unevenness, as well as a significant amount of dirt and dust.

The client, Prologis, contacted us for a complete refurbishment and our patented concrete polishing, which, upon completion of the work, provided them with a dust-free floor, greater resistance to stains, friction, and liquid absorption, as well as improved reflectance and ease of cleaning.

pre-magmapark - becosan5
process-magmapark becosan 3
process - magmapark becosan 2

FAQ about our Concrete Polishing Service in East Midlands

Some frequently asked questions about BECOSAN® polishing:

BECOSAN® polished concrete is a compelling choice for warehouses for several reasons:

  1. Durability: BECOSAN®’s concrete polishing enhances the floor’s durability, making it highly resistant to heavy traffic, abrasion, and impact. This is crucial for warehouses, where constant movement of goods and machinery can lead to wear and tear.
  2. Low Maintenance: Polished concrete is easy to clean and maintain. It resists staining and is not prone to dusting, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and upkeep.
  3. Improved Lighting: The high-gloss finish of polished concrete can enhance the reflection of light, helping to create a brighter workspace without the need for additional lighting.
  4. Cost-Effective: BECOSAN® eliminates the need for coatings or waxing, saving on ongoing maintenance costs. It also extends the lifespan of the concrete floor, reducing the need for expensive replacements.
  5. Sustainability: Polished concrete is an environmentally friendly choice as it repurposes the existing concrete floor, eliminating the need for additional materials. It also reduces energy consumption due to improved lighting.
  6. Aesthetics: The polished finish gives the floor a professional and modern appearance, which is ideal for warehouses that may have client visits or require a polished and clean image.

In summary, BECOSAN® polished concrete offers a long-lasting, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and visually appealing solution that meets the specific demands of warehouses.

The BECOSAN® polished finish delivers a blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, and practical advantages that traditional concrete finishes might not offer. It is specifically engineered to minimize dust, withstand wear and tear, and provide a smoother surface, all while preserving the natural look of concrete. For a more comprehensive comparison, we recommend contacting our team.

Following the polishing process, BECOSAN® floors are generally low-maintenance. Regular cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner and periodic dusting should be adequate. Nevertheless, the precise maintenance needs can differ depending on the environment and usage. We advise reaching out to us for a customized maintenance guideline.

Our industrial concrete polishing experts in East Midlands

Here are the three BECOSAN® managers for the East Midlands region:

Martin Kerrigan Becosan Uk

Martin Kerrigan

Project director UK

Martin will be your direct point of contact and ensure that everything runs seamlessly.

Proceso Hormigon Pulido Alemania.jpg

Ernesto Gaitan

Team Leader 

Ernesto will lead, coordinate, and oversee the daily activities of the team, ensuring the achievement of the objectives.

Kenneth Olsen Becosan.jpg

Kenneth Olsen

Sales Director

Kenneth will be directly involved with you, providing the best solutions and addressing key project elements.

Contact us now to kickstart your industrial polishing project.

BECOSAN® covers the entire East Midlands and responds swiftly for exceptional results:

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