Industrial Dust Collector | Air filtration system

A industrial dust collector deals with the separation or collection of solid dispersed particles that travel in gases, improving the quality of air used in industrial processes before being returned to the environment.

The main objectives for which pollutants must be captured by a localized extraction system are: to protect the health of workers, to comply with environmental regulations regarding air pollution, and to avoid disturbance to the community.

What is an industrial dust collector

It is a industrial dust collector system or equipment used to purify the air in a space so that it is free from impurities.

They are mostly used in companies with chemical, mining, cement, food, fishing and manufacturing purposes or in laboratories. It keeps the environment free of gas or dust or even particles that can harm the health of workers in the company and even in its surroundings.

What is industrial dust

For the industry, dust is an ever-present problem. Whether you’re making airplane wings, car bumpers, or tennis rackets, chances are you’ll see a lot of dust around.

Equipment for industrial dust treatment in the warehouse

When you don’t have control over the dust that many activities throw up from the machines, you have a risk factor in the industry that can hurt the company and the operations that are performed, as well as the employees within it.

When you have a control of the dust, problems are reduced and you have a correct mechanism, something like when you hydrate your body, it works correctly, and something similar happens when you do not have a correct control in the operations of the industry.

The term “dust” has no precise scientific meaning, but is usually defined as a solid that has been reduced to a mass of fine particles. The size of the particles is just as important as the nature of the dust in establishing whether it is hazardous.

In general, the most dangerous types of dust are those with very small particles that are not visible to the naked eye, as is the case with fine dust. These kinds of particles are small enough to be inhaled but at the same time large enough to be trapped in the lung tissue and not exhaled.

However, some substances (e.g. asbestos) produce very coarse dusts with large particles that can also be dangerous.

How industrial dust collectors work

It is very common to find industrial processes that pollute the environment. There are many processes that represent a great danger to the lives of workers and there is not much information about how to control these processes and how the dust collectors work.

warehouse dust collector

For that reason today I will talk to you about the importance of dust collectors to clean the air before releasing it into the environment and I can assure you that you will be surprised how simple the concept of operation of dust collectors is but the effectiveness they have is impressive.

  • They have some collectors, which are the points where there is emission of dust, fumes or mist and extraction is required.
  • Pipes are installed, usually made of galvanized sheet to direct the particles to the collector.
  • They have filters that change according to what we are collecting and are cartridges that can be replaced.
  • The dust collectors can have an integrated fan to introduce the air or even depending on the needs it can be external.
  • To discharge the air from the dust collectors, a chimney is usually designed to meet certain specifications.

How to clean industrial dust

The best way to clean industrial dust is to avoid generating it, so we’re going to show you some optimizations to produce less industrial dust.

industrial dust

To clean the industrial dust we recommend to use an industrial dust extractor in the specific workstations or areas that generate more dirt.

And you can also install central industrial air filters that are normally installed on the ceiling of the industrial warehouse.

It is very common that the dust generated comes from the concrete floor, because a concrete can generate dust over time and because of wear and use, here we explain how to stop concrete dusting.

The BECOSAN® industrial floor treatment for industrial concrete floors avoids this dust generation, so the industrial cleaning will be done in a simple and efficient way.

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