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The BECOSAN® system is specially designed to give your industrial concrete floor the following properties: dust-proof, abrasion resistance and a very easy maintenance. There are three types of finishes: high-gloss, semi-gloss or matt.

Concrete floor treatment

Increase the value
of your property

The value of your facility or property is increased by improving the quality and finish of your floor. In addition, its lifespan is extended considerably.

Floor ready for
any industrial use

BECOSAN® is one of the most certified systems. Among our certifications: ISO-9001 for Quality management, HACCP for food safety management system, including packaging, distribution, etc.

Quick and easy
installation process

Large surfaces can be treated in a short time and without major interruptions in production facilities. The treatment has been developed for new and existing industrial concrete floors.

Option for Industrial floor

We offer you a free sample which allows you to experience the dust-proof properties on your concrete floor. This will help you to choose between different concrete floor treatment options.
Currently, we only carry out works on large surfaces, with a minimum of 1000 square meters.

maintenance costs

Lower maintenance costs on your concrete floor due to easy to clean properties cut down your cleaning costs dramatically.

dust formation

Special dust-proof treatment. This treatment will stop concrete dusting. Dust particles will not be able to leave a treated surface.

Improve abrasion

The treatment creates a dense surface, improves the abrasion resistance and increases the life span of your floor with a single investment in a sustainable and multifunctional surface.

Customers reviews

What property owners say?

We treated our floor with BECOSAN®. Dust problems have been solved permanently and our property has now impressive aesthetics. Furthermore, the surface is very easy to clean, since our facilities require hygienic conditions that are now easier to maintain.
José Luis
Owner + Founder - Frutas Montosa
After two years, the benefits which our floor offers are excellent and unchanged. The dust proof environment and its luminosity make our logistic center a much healthier and safer place to work. Additionally, we have prevented all the wear of the machinery and fork-lifts that we had before.
Hanna Smith
Comercial Director - EFC Logistics

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Finish options for industrial concrete floors

The following floor finishes are available by a polishing process with ride-on power trowels, combined with the application of our products: BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer. There are different types of finishes, depending on the desired aesthetics and the customer needs. We always recommend a high gloss finish, as the final outcome enhances the floor and grants the highest benefits.

High Gloss

6 Step procedure that provides the floor with the best system features. It is the most popular version within our customers.

Semi Gloss

4 Step procedure for customers that demand less luminosity, all system features are provided with a slightly lower gloss level.


2 Step procedure, recommended for parking areas, and spaces, where a gloss finishing is not an issue.

Do you need more information?

A specialist will contact you to advise you and answer your questions. Please leave us a contact number. Thank you!
Currently, we only carry out works on large surfaces, with a minimum of 1000 square meters.



We are a leading manufacturer of systems for dust proofing, renovation and protection of industrial concrete floors. The patented BECOSAN® system is manufactured in Europe and used by the world’s largest industrial flooring companies.

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