Concrete expansion joint repair and sealing

We seal and repair expansion joints in poorly maintained concrete floors and offer a better solution with BECOSAN® polished concrete.

Concrete floors are prone to expanding and contracting with changes in temperature and stress, which can result in cracks. Concrete expansion joints are provided between the concrete to control the effects of these changes. 

Concrete expansion joints are gaps between the concrete and other parts of the structure that allow easy movement of the slabs without the risk of cracking. 

However, with time, an expansion joint can lose its functionality and no longer absorb the impacts it was designed for. This failure results in cracks in the concrete, hence the need for repair. 

A concrete expansion joint replacement helps bring back an expansion joint to its old glory, preventing the concrete from cracking. In the same wise, sealing concrete floor expansion joints helps prevent them from absorbing water and debris, increasing durability.

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable concrete floor treatment contractor, repairing and sealing industrial and commercial concrete expansion joints.

Contact us today for your concrete expansion joint repair in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries of the world.

Expansion joint repair company

BECOSAN® is a reputable, professional concrete floor treatment contractor offering different flooring services to industrial and commercial floors, including fixing concrete expansion joints.
Below are other services we offer at BECOSAN®. The video also shows how we work to improve concrete floors in industrial and commercial facilities.

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Concrete Floor Crack Sealing
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Expansion joint repair near me

One common challenge facility managers face when hiring a contractor for their concrete floor treatment is the proximity of their company to their location, such that they look for a contractor near them. At BECOSAN®, proximity is never a barrier in offering our services to customers.
We offer our services to industrial and commercial facilities, including expansion joint repair anywhere in the UK, Europe, and other Anglo-Saxon countries. However, it is worth noting that we only carry out our concrete floor treatment service on floor areas of 2,000 square metres and above.

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Advantages of contracting our expansion joint repair and sealing service

Before contacting us to repair expansion joints in concrete slabs, you want to know what benefits await you with our service.
As a reputable floor treatment specialist in the commercial and industrial sector, we understand the nature of commercial and industrial floors and hence carry out our jobs according to the requirements of the floor.
Here are a few benefits of our concrete joint repair and sealing service:



The first factor to consider when hiring a contractor to repair or seal your concrete floor expansion joints is the durability of their service. At BECOSAN®, we study the activities and the use of the facility to know the requirements of the needed expansion joints, hence unmatched durability.

Reduced maintenance

We don’t only fix concrete expansion joints but also ensure the floor is properly sealed for the ease of maintenance. This is achieved with our sealing service, which ensures water and debris are easily kept out of the joints, a water-repellent sealant.



One common concern about concrete floor repair and treatment in commercial and industrial facilities is if the processes involved are safe for the environment, especially for the employees. The good news, is the procedures and materials involved in our expansion joint repair and sealing services cause no harmful gas emissions into the environment.

Less curing time

While it is important to repair your concrete expansion joints, you don’t want the repair or sealing service to hurt production activities in the facility. As a professional contractor, BECOSAN understands this and ensures the service doesn’t take much time than necessary and that activities can resume earliest in the facility.

FAQ : Fixing concrete expansion joints

Though we recommend cutting expansion joints in concrete floors when it just poured, this doesn’t mean you cannot cut expansion joints in your old concrete.
However, it should be noted that cutting expansion joints in old concrete requires more care than creating the joints in concrete from the start. At BECOSAN®, our services include cutting expansion joints in old concrete without dislodging the aggregate particles.

The question of whether to replace concrete expansion joints is not debatable. Replacing damaged concrete expansion joints is a maintenance measure to ensure the structural integrity of an old concrete floor.
Damaged expansion joints increase the risk of the concrete floor cracking due to changes in temperature and stress. Replacing concrete expansion joints in concrete is more important in industrial and commercial concrete floors, given the intense use they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Different factors are responsible for damaged expansion joints. While damaged expansion joints can be blamed on mechanical abuse, poor installation service can also play a culprit in a failing expansion joint. Proper planning and the right material choice are necessary when creating expansion joints.
Also, a change in the use of a facility can result in damaged concrete expansion joints. If you change the activities in a facility, the existing expansion joints might not be ideal for the new activities, hence damaged expansion joints. This is a good example of when to seek expansion joint repair.

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