Polishing existing concrete floors

If your commercial or industrial floors are old and you are thinking of revamping them from scratch, you want to consider our polishing service. At BECOSAN®, our polishing service will help give your old, worn-down floor a new life better than the initial one.

Polishing your existing concrete floors will help give them a mirror-like finish that complements your space.

Contact us for your aged concrete floor polishing in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon countries of the world. 

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Before and after polishing an existing concrete floor

Are you wondering how polishing your existing floor will help transform it into a glowing surface? Here are a few before-and-after images of some of our past concrete floor polishing jobs. 

Contact us for more images of our past jobs. 

Benefits of Polishing Existing Concrete Floor

Shiner Surface

Shiner Surface

The most obvious benefit of investing in concrete floor polishing is to achieve a mirror-like surface. Though this can be controlled, polishing will leave your aged floors with smoother, shinier surfaces.

Improved Lifespan


Polishing your existing industrial or commercial concrete floors will help increase their lifespan. With floor polishing, your floors become stronger and resilient to impacts from heavy equipment and traffic in the space.

While the lifespan of polished concrete flooring depends on the professionalism of your specialist, floor polishing is highly durable and outlasts other floor covering options like carpeting and wood laminates. This advantage ultimately helps save money in the long run.

Ease of maintenance

Easy to maintenance

If you are having difficulties maintaining your old industrial concrete floors, polishing it might be the solution they need. Polished concrete floors are easier to maintain and clean. Polished floor maintenance options are simple and include broom sweeping and dust mopping to prevent dirt. Also, weekly damp-mopping will help remove scuffs and smudging, restoring gloss. 

Concrete floor refinishing

Polishing your old industrial concrete floors is an excellent investment you won’t regret.

This video is about one of our customers who bought an old used warehouse with bad flooring. Since he needed a high quality floor, he invested in our floor polishing treatment, and he was glad about the result.

How the BECOSAN® system for polishing existing concrete floors works

At BECOSAN®, we are a reputable floor polishing company that understands what every floor requires. We first study the conditions of the floor to know the best approach to polish it. 

Though our polishing service is technical and complex, here are the overview processes involved:

1. Grinding

We start by grinding the surface, which helps remove the micro-roughness of the concrete floor. This also opens the floors’ pores to absorb BECOSAN® Densifier.

2. Densification

The next step is to release our densifier unto the ground surface. Since the surface’s pores are open, the densifier easily penetrates and reacts with the lime content within the concrete substrate. This chemical reaction aims to produce a denser concrete surface, bind dust particles, and reduce abrasion wear.

3. Sealing

Floor polishing in industrial applications requires durable, strong sealing. Water-based chemicals are a suitable choice since they penetrate the substrate, forming a non-film coating with enhanced performance.

4. Designated finish

Finishing helps increase the durability of industrial floors by giving them a more compact and denser surface. Depending on the intended use of the floors, you can choose between Matt-PLUS, Semi-Gloss, and High-Gloss.

Finishing options for polishing old concrete floors

Again, three different finishing options for polished concrete on existing slab are available: Matt, semi-gloss and high gloss. Here is how they work:


Matt is ideal for applications where gloss finishing is not required, such as parking areas. This option involves two steps and is not as detailed as other options.


This option involves a four-step procedure, and while it offers more luminosity than matt, it ranks below high gloss.


High-gloss finishing is the most detailed of the three available options in concrete floor polishing. It involves a 6-step procedure and is the most preferred option for most of our customers.


When investing in floor polishing, you want to hire a professional, reliable company with ample experience working on industrial and commercial flooring. This is where BECOSAN® comes in. At BECOSAN®, we are an important, reliable company in the UK, Europe and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon countries, and we are always present for your flooring services.

We are always available to attend to your questions on polishing and other flooring services.

Lithium silicate densifier


One significant factor to consider when hiring a floor polishing company is the certificates they hold. Hiring a specialist with the necessary certificates means you are working with a certified company.

At BECOSAN®, we are a certified floor polishing company; we have been tested and vetted by different governing bodies. Our certificates include ISO 9001, which helps organizations ensure their customers consistently receive high-quality products and services, and declaration of performance, which ensures health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

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FAQ : Concrete floor grinding

Though the processes involved in floor polishing include grinding the floor to level areas with small height differences, polishing an existing concrete floor is not a levelling job. However, you can expect your floor with a levelled surface after polishing.

One major advantage of polished concrete is its high durability. Polished concrete can last for several decades, depending on its use and maintenance. At BECOSAN®, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our concrete floor treatment against dust formation.

With the several benefits of polished concrete, you want to ask if concrete floor polishing is expensive. The good news is concrete floor polishing is a cost-effective option to bring back your floors to life.

However, the cost of polished concrete varies with a few factors. Factors like the current condition and size of the floor contribute to how much to budget for polishing an existing concrete floor. Also, your choice of finishing option can be a determinant factor when estimating how much it costs to polish a concrete floor.

Our services for concrete floors

At BECOSAN®, we are a reliable floor polishing company in the UK and Europe. However, while we are certified in concrete floor polishing, we specialize in complete surface repair service for industrial and commercial floors. 

Our other services include epoxy removal, expansion joint repair and sealing, anchor and screw removal, concrete patch and crack repair, and removal of industrial marking. 

Contact us for any industrial concrete floor repairs in the UK and other parts of the world.

Polishing old concrete floors is a more intensive means of repairing an old floor. Unlike grinding, which stops at grinding the surface, polishing takes the job further to achieve a shinier surface. Plus, polishing offers several other advantages.
If you are thinking of polishing your aged industrial or commercial floors, you are in the right direction, as this will help strengthen your floors and enhance the ease of maintenance.
At BECOSAN®, we are a certified, reputable concrete floor polishing company and are available in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon countries of the world.
Contact us today for your concrete floor polishing.