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Concrete Power Trowels

The BEST TROWEL GUIDE. Discover which are the best trowels, what you should know before buying one, and the precautions to take into account when using them.

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How To Wax A Concrete Floor

Wax Concrete Floors

What is Concrete Wax? Concrete Wax, or Wax Concrete is basically a finisher for floors, usually water-based acrylic copolymers that are meant for use under

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Supply chain

A SUPPLY CHAIN takes care of EVERYTHING necessary for a company to deliver products and services to its customer. Learn more about its ACTIVITIES, OBJECTIVES, PARTICIPANTS AND MORE!

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Logistics Chain

Logistics chain

A LOGISTICS CHAIN encompasses a group of activities that allow you to receive products in your own home quickly. Learn more about it!

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Portland cement

Have you heard of Portland Cement? You may not know it by its original name, but it is present in many building works. Here we will explain its USES, HISTORY, ADVANTAGES and MANUFACTURING PROCESS.

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Logistics Centers

Logistics centers are the core element for manufacturing and distribution companies. It is where the merchandise of every order and customer is taken and then

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Cellular concrete

CELLULAR CONCRETE is a TYPE of concrete. Here we will explain its ADVANTAGES, USES, TYPES and how it is MANUFACTURED. You will also learn WHY AND HOW IT WAS CREATED.

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Anti-dust flooring

If you have an INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE, you should know more about what ANTI-DUST FLOORS are. You guarantee years of productivity and health for your employees. Know its ADVANTAGES.

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Safety barriers - Industrial protection

Safety barriers | Typologies

Adequate security, through safety barriers and industrial protection elements, must meet 3 requirements: High-quality products Productivity Security The purpose of industrial safety is to prevent

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Slurry flooring

Slurry Flooring

From experience, we know that Slurry flooring is one of the most versatile types of flooring within the industry. Although it has a strange name,

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Densificador hormigón | Endurecedor hormigón | BECOSAN®

Concrete densifier

CONCRETE DENSIFIER BECOSAN® The best concrete densifier on the market Our BECOSAN® industrial floor treatment is patented and we have many certifications. Do concrete densifiers

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Power Trowel grinding

Power Trowel Polishing

In this article we consider the difference between Power Trowel Polishing and Concrete Grinding. In particular we show how a Power Trowel can be used in

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Polished cement floor

Polished cement floors

The phrase “Polished cement floor” can lead to confusion. From the customer’s point of view, this term can be misunderstood as a  self-levelling mortar. Furthermore,

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General epoxy floor problems

Epoxy floor problems

The issues with epoxy floors are common, epoxy resin paint for floors isn’t always a solution for commercial and industrial floors which require special purposes,

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Seguridad Industrial

Industrial Safety

Industrial safety consists of a series of regulations and methods used to protect each worker in an industrial building, minimizing the risk of the activities

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Compacted concrete

Roller compacted concrete

When evaluating industrial floors, all options that are suitable for the needs of each project should be considered, obviously taking into account economic and durable

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Warehouse dust control

Warehouse Dust Control

It is clear that dust is a problem in a busy warehouse, logistics centres, shopping centres, food industry, garages and supermarkets, etc. In this article

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