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Becosan’s New Headquarters in Spain

Onward and upward. As everybody knows an expanding business will require larger premises when the old ones are outgrown.

BECOSAN Spain’s revenues have trebled in the last year and so we require more space for more people, more materials and, of course, more machinery.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that we have just moved into new offices and warehouse space in the Poligono Los Zamoranos here in Velez Malaga in the beautiful Comarca of the Axarquia in the Province of Malaga, Spain.

BECOSAN’s Chief Executive, Kenneth Olsen, commenting on the new accommodation said, “Our new premises in Velez Malaga give us head room to treble our business in Southern Europe again in the next two to three years.  The open plan offices are ideal for cooperative working and our growing team are looking forward to continued success here. These facilities are easy to get to and we hope very much that our customers will come and visit us here where they will receive a warm welcome.”

The office in the Calle Valle de Tera is perfect for the next phase of BECOSAN Spain’s development providing both office and warehouse space.

BECOSAN Office Spain

But before we can put the warehouse space to productive use we have a small problem to resolve. While the floor in the office space is made of neat grey tiles, the floor of the warehouse is newly laid pristine light grey concrete.

However, like most new concrete floors it is dusty and as leaders in the field of concrete floor treatments our first job is to make the concrete floor dust free, harder wearing, resistant to liquid absorption and, last but not least, more beautiful.

As I write this the machines are gliding over the floor, grinding away the micro-roughness in the surface, this afternoon, BECOSAN® Densifier and Sealant will be applied and after a final polish it will be ready for use.

If you are in the area pop in a for a coffee and see what a real BECOSAN® polished concrete floor looks like.


10 years dust proof guarantee. Unique BECOSAN® patent

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