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BECOSAN®, now official partner of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

In our quest to achieve the least harmful environmental impact we have signed an agreement as an official sponsor of the international company Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and for their impressive work with their ocean cleanup project.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, with thousands of volunteers in different countries, and a leader in ocean cleanup around the world.

Their mission is to change society’s perception of our oceans, help improve marine wildlife and achieve sustainable ocean life.

In BECOSAN® that we are truly environmentally conscious, we have tried since our inception to achieve a product that generates the least environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

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Today, our products are not harmful to health or the environment. We have also managed not to be harmful in our daily work for our customers.

When we treat a dust-proof BECOSAN® polished concrete floor, we care about generating the lowest possible CO2 impact and that these can be used in a short time.

Also, due to our commitment to the environment, we have chosen to obtain the BREEAM® Seal Certificate, which will allow us to certify ourselves as a sustainable construction company of international reference. This certificate is a world leader and, therefore, will allow us to obtain even more recognition worldwide.

We hope that Big Blue Ocean Cleanup will achieve its objectives and make our world a more livable place, and that their work will make society aware as it has done with us.

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