BECOSAN® is the solution for low maintenance floors. Grinding, polishing and sealing will enhance the resistance of water, stains and dirt. After this simple application, the maintenance of concrete floors becomes very simple.

A BECOSAN® treated concrete floor will only require cleaning with a scrubber dryer using no additional substances. The cost for the regular cleaning of concrete floors will from now be remarkably low, and in order to keep the polished and sealed floor shiny, it requires minimal effort and expense and only regular care is necessary.

With BECOSAN® Densifier and BECOSAN® Protective Sealer you will be surprised how easy the maintenance of concrete floors can be.

BECOSAN® Protective Sealer is a key component of any good cleaning program.

When the concrete floor is continually maintained, the life of the concrete surface will be extended and the appearance will remain clean year after year. Our BECOSAN® impregnations give a good resistance to water, oil, grease and chemical spillage in a cost-effective way.

Please contact our specialists, and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

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