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We you want your cleaning company to become a leader. One on the list of those who can provide the best and most effective cleaning of industrial concrete floors, you indeed need to get the appropriate industrial cleaning equipment.

The scrubber dryer is a good example of perfect cleaning equipment. This machine is ideal for medium and large surfaces.

The scrubber dryer is perfect as deep cleaner and polisher, and therefor you should include the Floor sleeking system every time you face an industrial concrete floor.

An untreated concrete floor causes a lot of dirt and dust problems. And when we talk about dust problems, we talk about health problems as well. But dust nuisance can be stopped by treating concrete surfaces with the right products. Since the invention of the BECOSAN® Densifier and Protective Sealer professional cleaning companies can guarantee an absolutely dust free concrete floor with only a very little maintenance. Dust free ergo no allergen problems – low maintenance ergo saving in cleaning costs.

Please take a look at the web. You will easily find “before” and “after” pictures of warehouses, depots, office spaces, sports facilities… where concrete floors have been treated with the BECOSAN® products in the BECOSAN® way.

The scrubber dryer has become a necessary tool together with your other industrial cleaning equipment in the daily work of your company.

Using the scrubber dryer you can offer a brilliant performance and that in an economic and timesaving manner.

BECOSAN® is very proud of the result. By inventing the BECOSAN® system to clean the concrete we have found the perfect way to get rid of all kind of stains and marks – and how to assure that the appearance of the surface will stay smooth and shiny for many many years.

And you can find several models of this industrial cleaning equipment – that depends on your possibilities and needs. Word gets around very quickly. A well-done result is very fast known, and satisfied customers will return and bring new customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to inform you and answer your questions.

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