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Montosa was founded in 1982 and specializes in the collection, storage, processing and distribution of high value fruit crops including avocados and mangos.

In addition to the fruit itself Montosa produces a series of bi- products like guacamole and mango sauces. In 2016 Montosa distributed 25.000 tons of avocado, more than half the production of Malaga province in Spain.

2017 was a record year with 36.000 tons of fruit distributed and revenues topping 120.000.000€. Montosa has a 76.000m² facility just east of Malaga.


Because Montosa deals with food products in an unprotected state, hygiene is paramount and dust cannot be tolerated. In the past concrete floors would be coated with an epoxy resin to maintain a hygienic environment but these coatings had two major problems.

Firstly, the epoxy coatings have a limited lifetime and after a few short years they begin to blister and crumble and need replacing.

Secondly, and more importantly, the process of removing and laying down a new epoxy coating involves the use of highly toxic chemicals which up to a week to dry and harden before those areas of the plant can once again be used in the food processing.

This means that whole areas of the plant have to close on a regular basis for maintenance meaning loss of production and, therefore, the loss of income.


The BECOSAN® treatment has no such drawbacks. No toxic chemicals are used (in fact, the chemicals used meet HACCP safety standards for use in food industry) and floor preparation with BECOSAN® can proceed alongside the building’s normal function.

Additionally, the floor does not deteriorate with time and can continue to be used for many years. Interested in the BECOSAN® system Montosa selected a 1.500m² area for treatment.

Working with one of our partners in Spain, the first step was to remove the existing epoxy coating. Then the concrete floor was ground down with diamond hard BECOSAN® discs to remove all micro roughness from the surface leaving a high gloss finish.

The floor was then treated with BECOSAN® Densifier which significantly increased the hardness of the surface. The final stage was a comprehensive treatment with BECOSAN® Concrete Sealer.


Montosa has been delighted with the BECOSAN® system. Since finishing our original 1.500m² we have gone on to complete a further 8.500m². And we expect to continue converting epoxy flooring to the BECOSAN® system at Montosa.

Finishing for industrial floors. Resistant, durable and dustproof.

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